Truck Driver Jobs In Canada With Visa Sponsorship In 2022 [LATEST UPDATE]
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Truck Driver Jobs In Canada With Visa Sponsorship


Did you know that truck driving is among the jobs that are in demand in Canada and as a truck driver; this is the best time to immigrate to Canada?

Immigrating to Canada is a lot easier now and this is because Canada is one of the countries with the most relaxed immigration policies and the Canadian government has a target of welcoming over 400,000 immigrants to the country this year in order to meet up with the 1.3 million target according to the Immigration Levels Plan 2022-2024.

So with this, you can see that the Canadian borders are open to immigrants and you can be one of them provided you meet all the necessary requirements to immigrate to Canada and also have something to offer in Canada.


Recent research in Canada about truck drivers in shows that the trucking industry will have about 48,000 fewer long-haul truck drivers by 2024 and has caused a demand for more truck drivers in the country.

So in this post, we will be looking at how you can get truck driver jobs with visa sponsorship in Canada and also some immigration programs through which you could immigrate to Canada as a truck driver.


Truck Driving In Canada

Truck driving is the transportation of goods and services from the point of manufacturing to the location where it is needed. There are different type of truck driving in Canada and they are the long haul truck driver and short haul truck driver.

As a truck driver in Canada, you could earn as high as $52,034 to $68,293 per year.

What Do Truck Drivers Do In Canada?

As a truck driver in Canada, here are some of the things you will be doing:

  • Driving long distance to deliver goods to customers
  • Record cargo deliveries
  • Report road incidents to the dispatcher
  • Follow accidents procedures
  • Keep an activities log and log hours
  • Inspect trucks and records issues
  • Refuel and keep truck clean
  • Load and unload cargo
  • Follow traffic laws

Skills Needed To Work As A Truck Driver In Canada

For you to work as a truck driver in Canada, you must have the following skills:

  • You must be able to operate and drive straight or articulated trucks to deliver goods
  • You must be able to guarantee the safety and security of cargo
  • You must be able to plan your trip routes and schedules
  • You must be able to receive information and relay it to the central dispatcher
  • You must be able to examine the condition of the vehicle and inspect the tires, brakes, cold storage, lights and other compartments.


How To Get Truck Driver Jobs With Visa Sponsorship In Canada

There are some immigration and visa programs in Canada through which you can follow to get truck driver jobs and immigrate to Canada.


We will be looking at the Provincial Nominee Programs in Canada where you can get visa sponsorship as a truck driver.

·      Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)

Truck driving is becoming a fast-rising occupation in this province as it is contributing massively to the economy of the province. It is a major mode of transportation in the province and it is used to distribute goods from one place to another within cities in Ontario.

Truck drivers are among the jobs that are in demand in Ontario as there has been an estimation of shortage of truck drivers in the province in years to come. These shortages will surely affect the economy of the province and the country at large and this is the reason for the increase in the employment of truck drivers in Ontario.

The Ontario’s Trucking Association has included truck driving in the list of occupations in-demand in the province. The changes made to the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP) has allowed the province create its own way to meet its immigration needs and requirements.

You must have a job offer from an employer in Ontario to get nominated to immigrate to Canada through the OINP.

·      British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

The long distance truck drivers are listed under the Skills Immigration-Entry Level and Semi-Specialized category. For you to apply for nomination under this program, you will need to work full-time for your employer for nine months. During this period, you must meet the following requirements for you to be sponsored:

  • You must meet minimum language and education requirements – Canadian Language Benchmark test level 4 and equivalent of a Canadian high school diploma.
  • You must qualify to do the job offered to you; your license to operate trucks will serve
  • You must have legal immigration status in Canada meaning that your temporary foreign work permit must be valid
  • You must be earning a wage that is in line with the BC wage rates for the occupation which is around $25 per hour.
  • You must show that you can support yourself and any family member that will be coming with you to Canada even if no one is coming. You can use paychecks or bank statement.

Your employer must be eligible, willing and ready to support your application. They will require a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

·      Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program

Nova Scotia is one of the Atlantic Provinces in Canada and it is the most populous and industrious province in the region. The capital city is Halifax and it has a population of around 430,000 and truck driving is a great contributor to the economy of the province.

Truck drivers are eligible for this program under the Occupations In Demand Stream and they will have to meet the following requirements to apply for the program:

  • You must have a full-time permanent job offer from an employer in Nova Scotia in either NOC 3413 or NOC 7511.
  • You must have one-year of work experience related to the job
  • You must be between 21 to 55 years of age
  • You must have the right training, skills and accreditation for the job
  • You must have a high school diploma
  • You must prove that you have enough finance to settle in the province
  • You must prove your language proficiency in English or French

This is a great province to look at if you are looking for truck driving jobs as a foreigner in Canada.

If you want to become a permanent resident in Canada, you can go through the Atlantic Immigration Program but you will need a job offer from an employer in any of the Atlantic Provinces in Canada (Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland & Labrador).

The AIP was created to address critical labour shortages in the Atlantic Provinces and truck drivers are one of them.

·      Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP)

This is another PNP through which immigrants can come to Canada especially truck drivers. This program allows truck driving firms to bring qualified truck drivers to the province and to qualify for this program, truck drivers must start working for an approved truck driving firm in the province as a temporary foreign worker.

With this, you can proceed to applying to the SINP for permanent residency after the approved truck driving firm offers you a permanent employment as a truck driver and this would be at least after six months.

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) must issue a permit and it must be based on positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) showing that there is no Canadian citizen or permanent resident in Canada available to fill up the job position and so there is a need for the employer to hire a foreigner to fill that job position.

Also, you will need a Saskatchewan Class 1A driver’s license and have a full-time and permanent job offer in the province.

·      New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

Under this program, truck drivers can immigrate to Canada through the Skilled Worker Stream. The province offers permanent residency to those who meet the minimum eligibility requirements and have a valid job offer from an employer in the province.

In this province a long-haul truck driver could earn salary ranging from $40,000 to $70,204 in Canadian dollar per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Canada hire foreign truck drivers?

Yes. Canada hires truck drivers as there are a lot of truck driving companies in Canada. Truck drivers are on the National Occupational Classification list with a code of 7511. Truck drivers are among the jobs that are in demand in Canada.

  • Which province is best for truck drivers?

Quebec is the best province in Canada when it comes to truck driving job opportunities. According to, there are about 837 job ads currently live.

  • How much are truck drivers paid in Canada?

Truck drivers in Canada could earn an average salary ranging from $49,294 to $65,034 Canadian dollar per year.

Final Note

Canada is one of the best countries to immigrate to presently and like we said in the introduction that more than 400,000 new immigrants will be welcomed to Canada this year so you shouldn’t delay in your application for immigration to Canada.

You just have to choose the province you will like to live and work in, choose the best immigration program for you based on your eligibility status and also start and submit your application.

It is important that you follow the right process during your application because any mistake could affect your application success. Make sure you gather all your supporting documents that are required.

You can also decide to make use of a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) as they know everything about the Canadian immigration and will help you with your application process.

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