Academic Merit Scholarships at Saint Martin's University Washington, USA 2022-23

Academic Merit Scholarships at Saint Martin’s University Washington, USA 2022-23

Hello! Have you heard of the Undergraduate Academic Merit Scholarships by Saint Martin’s University Washington?

Over the years, many people have utilized this fantastic opportunity to study in the USA regardless of their origin.

We are glad to announce that you have been looking forward to studying in institutions designed for the natives of the USA and international students.


Although this scholarship is situated in the USA, applicants from the four corners of the world are eligible to access this great offer that promises to pay some part of the mandatory fees that every student is meant to pay while studying at Saint Martin’s University.

We are glad that you found your way to this webpage. While you are here, we will share the information we culled from our recent research regarding great scholarship opportunities for international students who wish to study in a top-tier country like the USA.


As the institution announced, this scholarship is for every interested individual regardless your nationality. Also, the institution promised to take care of some bills while acquiring your desired knowledge.

Moreover, as an international student, you must present some essential documents to your country’s embassy during your application.

Although this is an open scholarship for interested individuals, it is available only to undergraduates seeking to acquire a higher degree in their desired discipline.

Suppose you are an individual looking forward to pursuing a graduate degree but don’t have enough funds to cover all the expenses enlisted by the institution to you intend to apply for their admission. In that case, this is quite another fantastic opportunity for you.

Please continue reading below as we share other relevant information you need to know regarding this scholarship.


Overview of Saint Martin’s University Washington Undergraduate Academic Merit Scholarship

Saint Martin’s University announced in the previous weeks that their scholarship program for 2022 to 2023 academic session is ongoing. Everyone from the USA or other nations of the world desires to study in their institution for their graduate degree.

Moreover, if you are interested in this scholarship offer, this is the right time you can utilize this opportunity.

The Undergraduate Academic Merit Scholarships are open at Saint Martin’s University from 2022-2023.

Undergraduate Academic Merit Scholarships 2022-23 at Saint Martin’s University is now available for students if they have a CGPA above 2.5 out of 4.0.

Saint Martin’s University officially announced the upcoming class scholarships. It is considered to be one of the top institutions around the globe.

Saint Martin’s University was founded in 1895 as an all-boys boarding school by monks of the Benedictine Order and currently functions in Washington, United States.

We are glad to announce to you on our website that this fantastic scholarship offer is currently available for the class of 2022 through 2023.

On the other hand, the Saint Martin’s University Washington Undergraduate Academic Merit Scholarship is designed for 2022 to 2023 academic session. Therefore, interested students are advised to utilize this opportunity before closing.

This outstanding scholarship promised to cover a part of the fees that every student of this institution must pay while acquiring knowledge from this prestigious institution.

What you should know about Saint Martin’s University Washington Undergraduate Academic Merit Scholarship

Saint Martin’s University formally pronounced on their school website that their upcoming class for the 2022 to 2023 academic session is designed for every undergraduate from the four corners of the world who in the past or probably intended to further his education in the USA.

You should know that the school management itself is sponsoring this outstanding scholarship. So how you will receive the promised benefits of this scholarship is quite simple.

From our information, this outstanding scholarship will cover most of the fees you will pay while studying at this institution. Also, international students will receive significant support through this scholarship program.

Due to the greatness of this institution, they have been evaluated among the top exceptional foundations that have created many graduates who are among the top forerunners in various areas of the world.

Saint Martin’s University, one of the prestigious institutions in the USA, offers this excellent scholarship program to interested individuals who intend to further their studies at the undergraduate level in their institution.

Through this scholarship, they consistently welcome new understudies from various locales to their grounds.

To apply for this scholarship, click here

Are there any expectations from this scholarship offer?

Saint Martin’s University Washington Undergraduate Academic Merit Scholarship for the 2022 to 2023 academic session is designed to open doors for every candidate that will be enlisted among the successful candidates of this scholarship offer.

Besides this, there are hundreds of opportunities that students will benefit from in the course of this scholarship.

From inquiries, we understood that the scholarship at Saint Martin’s University for the 2022 to 2023 academic session would cover some of the fees that students of this campus must pay while studying their various courses.

Furthermore, the institution assured to expose all their students to advance learning in their various graduate programs regardless of the course each student intends to study in this scholarship program.

Since you have navigated your way through this webpage, we will detail all the information you need regarding a scholarship at Saint Martin’s University for the 2022 to 2023 academic session acceptance rate, GPA requirements, eligibility and selection criteria, and other necessary information to guide you in your application journey.

Overview of Saint Martin’s University

Founded in 1895, Saint Martin’s is a private liberal arts university located on 380 acres in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. At a 12:1 student to faculty ratio, our Saints receive an individualized education. From engineering to science, business to social work, and nursing to education, our students are empowered to pursue a lifetime of learning and achievement.

What is the Degree Level for this scholarship?

We are glad to announce that the Saint Martin’s University Washington Undergraduate Academic Merit Scholarship for the 2022 to 2023 academic session is available to undertake undergraduate-level programs at Saint Martin’s University.

Having seen that this scholarship is open to a wide range of individuals, the chances of you being among the successful students or any of your friends and relatives being a participant in this great opportunity is very high.

How many subjects are available in this scholarship?

Saint Martin’s University is one of the prestigious institutions and includes a wide range of subjects in the course of this excellent scholarship.

However, for the course of this scholarship, the available sections that are eligible for this scholarship are all the courses offered in this institution.

In this approach, you can select your desired course knowing that your system is included in this scholarship offer.

Are there extra benefits of this scholarship?

The answer is quite Yes! There is quite a whop offer that every successful candidate of this scholarship will be rewarded with upon their study at Saint Martin’s University.

Criteria          Scholarship Amount

GPA 3.75-4.00           $20,000

GPA 3.74-3.50           $18,000

GPA 3.49-3.00         $16,000

GPA 2.99-2.75          $14,000

GPA 2.74-2.50         $12,000

What are the Eligible Nationalities for this scholarship?

By default, this exceptional scholarship is designed for everyone regardless of their country of origin.

Students from other nations with outstanding academic records in their previous studies are also eligible for this fantastic offer.

So whether you are an International Student or a Domestic Student, you are eligible to access this great opportunity that is offered to you.

The Eligibility Criteria for Saint Martin’s University Washington Undergraduate Academic Merit Scholarship

The cumulative grade point average is calculated on a 4.0 scale. An external transcript evaluation agency will evaluate non-US-issued transcripts or mark sheets to determine the cumulative GPA. The GPA obtained during admission will be the criteria used to determine scholarship eligibility.

Application Procedure

To apply for this scholarship, click here

International Partner School Scholarship (renews annually)

To be eligible for this $2000 scholarship, an international undergraduate student must be a full-time student, transfer from a global partner high school, and meet all undergraduate admissions requirements.

Saint Martin’s Office of International Programs & Development determines the eligibility of international partner schools.

Campus Visit Award Prospective international students who partake in an in-person campus visit or a virtual visit via our website are eligible for a $500 nonrenewable award upon enrollment.

Alumni and Friends Scholarship

This scholarship is available for incoming first-year and transfer students only. Alumni, parents, and friends of the University use this form to award potential first-year or transfer students who you believe will thrive in and contribute to the Saints community for an annual, renewable $1,000 tuition award.

A recommendation form must be received in the Office of International Programs & Development before the student begins classes at Saint Martin’s University.

Outstanding Achievement Awards (nonrenewable)

International student achievement awards, $1000 International Leadership Award, and $1000

Outstanding Service Awards, are available for all qualifying international undergraduate applicants to

Saint Martin’s University seeking to study on a F1 student visa. To receive consideration for the International Student Achievement Award an applicant must submit their award application at the time of applying for undergraduate admissions. You may only apply for one award.

First year and transfer applicants must have earned a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 from their previous educational institution(s). A minimum 250-word essay illustrating either leadership or service experience to be submitted along with a resume.



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