10 Best Personal Finance Blogs In Nigeria (2022)

10 Best Personal Finance Blogs In Nigeria (2022) Personal finance blogs have become a source of guidance for many. Getting and managing your finance can be a daunting task, there are things like budgeting, savings, loans, investments, insurance e.t.c.

There is a whole lot to think and deal with when it comes to personal finance.  With the fact that money has always been tight.

Financial freedom is the dream of every human being, things are difficult and it is crucial to know how money works.

As a result of the scarcity of money.  It is now imperative more than ever that we manage our money more effectively.

Personal finance blogs helps you to plan your budget around your means so that you don’t run into debts.

They serve as a guide on how and what to invest in, how to spend and save wisely.

They even go as far as to teach you how to make money, preserve money and live the kind of life you deserve without running into debts.

If you want to know more about personal finance, how to earn more, how to budget, or what investments to get into then read on.

In this article, we will be looking at the 10 best personal finance blogs in Nigeria(2022)

10 Best Personal Finance Blogs In Nigeria (2022)

1. First on the list of our 10 best personal finance blog in Nigeria is Financenaija:

Financenaija is a foremost online leading platform when it comes to personal finance blogs in Nigeria that can help you manage your finance.

Additionally, financenaija not only teaches you how to invest and make more money, but it teaches you about credit cards, loans e.t.c.

With articles ranging from how to make money online, and the best credit cards to go for, you can’t go wrong with financenaija.

This blog teaches you how to make money either as a student, a stay-at-home Mum, or a 9 to 5 worker.

They show you how to have additional streams of income and how important it is to grow your finance and not depend on one stream of income.

Just like the name financenaija, they care about your overall financial freedom as a Nigerian and show you ways to attain just that.

2. Second on the list of 10 best personal finance blog in Nigeria is NairaMetrics:

NairaMetrics is a financial service platform with financial literacy and creating advocacy for investors.

They provide investment guides, business news, financial management, personal finance, social media e.t.c.

They are a leading Nigerian-based financial service provider. Providing financial information from the largest economy in Africa to its customers and audience.

3. Another one on the list of 10 Best Personal Finance Blog In Nigeria (2021) is Business Daily Online:

They provide useful and accurate information on the business finance situation in Nigeria and beyond to decision-makers.

4. Investments Advocate:

They aid capital market investors to use their online information service to conduct their business and get positive business outcomes.

Investments Advocate main focus is on the capital market. They keep both investors and customers happy by providing timely and useful information that aids them in business growth.

5. Entorm:

Entorm helps entrepreneurs in building better and sustainable businesses of any kind. On this blog, you will find diverse articles and videos on business, software, advertisements, blockchain, finance e.t.c.

Furthermore, their main aim is to aid any entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and attain financial freedom.

6. Proshare Nigeria is another on the list of our 10 best personal finance blog in Nigeria(2021):

It is a financial niche focusing on markets, Industry, technology, legislation, Msme, personal development, and others.

Proshare Nigeria acts as a vital link between markets and investors.

7. MakeMoney.ng:

Make money focuses on people becoming stable financially. There are articles on how you can make money both off and online, business ideas, and loan opportunities.

8. SMEtoolkit:

In SMEtoolkit you will get articles detailing business development and growth strategies. They also have articles relating to the legal aspect of businesses, business planning, and execution.

Their strategies are very useful to the growth of small and medium enterprises.

9. My Naira Journey:

My Naira journey is a personal finance blog teaching you how to make money. The good thing about My Naira’s journey is they let you know there is no quick way to get money.

Furthermore, you will learn to start paying attention to your current earnings, and what to do with them

For instance, you get to learn how to save, spend, and also investing in the future.

Note: you alone are responsible for your growth and your wealth, not your friends, not your family or relatives.

10. Finance Ngr:

Finance Ngr is a blog whose sole duty is to empower everyone to manage and grow their finances.

It doesn’t matter if you are a housewife, or a student, or a businessman.

Furthermore, they teach you through their articles how to invest and grow your investments so you can attain financial freedom.