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Complete List Of Nigerian Banks USSD Codes For Mobile Banking


Full list of Nigerian Banks USSD codes, the importance of mobile banking and how to do it.


FinanceNaija report shows that many people in Nigeria, African embraced USSD mobile banking than internet banking. Nigerian Banks are now focusing more on phone transaction just to make easy and flexible for their users.

Therefore, one of the functions of commercial banks is to serve their customers in the best and convenient ways.

Everybody don’t have access to the Internet but everybody have access to USSD phone banking at anywhere with any phone. Gone are the days when you will need to visit bank for every transaction, that’s the advantages of mobile banking and internet banking with app.

You don’t need to go to your bank and request for the details anymore, below are everything you need to do your transaction on any phone.


First Bank Of Nigeria

First Bank is one of the best bank with the highest number of customers in Nigeria. The First Bank Nigeria mobile banking or First bank self service make transactions very easy for their customers. Their mobile transaction code is *894#.


Access Bank

Access Bank is one of the best Nigerian Banks that will continue to fight for the top list of commercial banks in Nigeria with their services and branches. The Access Bank always fall among the good types of commercial banks. Their mobile banking code is very simple to use and very fast. The USSD code is *901#


Guarantee Trust Bank, GTBank

Central Bank of Nigeria itself knows the worth of GTBank in the country as the bank with the highest number of customers in Nigeria.

Guarantee Trust Bank also run one of the best mobile banking apps. I believe their customers knows much about the advantages of mobile banking. GTBank phone transaction code is *737#.


Fidelity Bank Nigeria

Fidelity Bank PLC  is one of the banks in Nigeria that follows the normal functions of commercial banks. The Fidelity Bank grew from a marginal player into a stable, respectable and reliable banking institution.

The Fidelity Bank mobile transaction code is *770#.


United Bank For Africa, UBA Bank

UBA Bank of Nigeria really knows the features and importance of mobile banking with their clean apps for Android. UBA phone banking USSD code is *919#.


Stanbic IBTC Bank

Stanbic IBTC bank as a member of an authorized financial services and registered credit provider, the Standard Bank Group.

The Stanbic IBTC bank phone banking code is *909#.


Complete List Of Nigerian Banks USSD Codes For Mobile Banking


Check out the full list of Nigerian Banks USSD codes for mobile banking

  • First Bank of Nigeria – *894#
  • Access Bank – *901#
  • GTBank – *737#
  • Fidelity Bank – *770#
  • UBA Bank – *919#
  • Stanbic IBTC – *909#
  • Zenith Bank – *966#
  • Ecobank – *326#
  • Polaris – *833#
  • Jaiz bank – *389*301#
  • Sterling bank – *822#
  • Heritage – *322*00#
  • Keystone bank – *7111#
  • Union Bank – *826#
  • Wema bank – *945#
  • Unity bank – *7799#
  • First City Monument bank (FCMB) – *389*214#


How to use Phone USSD codes for bank transactions

If you are using the code for the first time for bank transaction, you will need to make a simple registration for easy access.

You will need to create your own PIN code and some banks in Nigeria may request for last four digits of debit card or ATM card. Just get the code of your bank above and dial it on phone, enter the last 4 digital of card (if  requested) then create your 4 digits PIN code. That’s all and you are free to go.




I believe nobody like queuing at the bank, it irritates a lot and almost all banks in Nigeria are trying to reduce the crowd at the bank to the very little with the charges on any transactions you skip to do on app or USSD.

If you have any question or any addition to the above list of Nigerian Banks with their USSD codes for mobile banking. Use the comment box below to talk to us.

Financial Results : Polaris Bank Records Impressive 2019


The financial results of Polaris Bank of Nigeria for the year 2019 are highly impressive.


The Polaris Bank of Nigeria has released its 2019 financial results after securing the approval of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to its Annual Financial Statements for its first full financial year of operation.

By all objective standards, the results are impressive especially given the legacy constraints under which the institution was birthed.


The Annual Financial Statements ending December 31, 2019 show gross earnings of over N150billion, Profit before Tax of N27.83billion and Profit after Tax of N27.35billion showing very strong profitability and profit potential going forward.

The bank’s deposits from customers was N857.8billion with Total Assets in excess of N1.14Trillion confirming that Polaris Bank remains a systemically important bank within the Nigerian financial system.

The bank’s capital is multiples of the regulatory minimum of N25billion at N82.9billion with a Capital Adequacy Ratio of 14% providing sufficient capital buffers to customers and other counterparties.


Apart from strong capital adequacy, the bank’s other ratios are equally impressive- Return on Assets (ROA) at 2%, Return on Equity (ROE) is 33%, Return on Sales (ROS) is 18%, and Liquidity Ratio at 81%.

These ratios demonstrate operating efficiency, strong inherent capacity for profitability and returns to stakeholders, very comfortable liquidity and asset efficiency.

The bank’s Cost to Income ratio of 59% is well in line with industry averages and further reinforces the institution’s underlying reality of operational and cost efficiencies, which is a significant achievement in view of its legacy constraints.

One remaining legacy challenge, perhaps understandably, is that the bank’s Non- Performing Loans Ratio (NPL) is 46%. Even though the management has brought this ratio down to this level from around 80% at the time of the regulatory intervention, it is evident that the work of the management of Polaris Bank to clean up its inherited loan portfolio must continue until NPLs are within acceptable



In Review of Polaris Bank Financial Results for 2019


Our key conclusions suggest four main themes emerge from Polaris Bank’s first year performance. In our view these themes are overwhelmingly positive:-

1. The financial performance of Polaris Bank in its first full financial year is impressive and the bank is stable, strong and competitive relative to leading Tier 1 and Tier 2 banks.

2. The Board and Management of Polaris Bank has successfully repositioned a previously troubled bank and created a new, thriving, forward-thinking bank


3. The bank has largely overcome its legacy challenges and constraints and is now very well positioned to compete in the Nigerian Financial Services Industry

4. The Management of Polaris Bank in concert with regulators seeks to assure a sustainable future for the bank and its customers leveraging technology, digital transformation and innovation in the context of a retail banking strategy

Report by RTC Advisory Services Ltd, Lagos.


Source: Vanguard


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