8 Profitable Investment Opportunities In Nigeria 2021

8 Profitable Investment Opportunities In Nigeria 2021


Profitable Investment Opportunities in Nigeria are one of the major reasons why people venture into business in the first place.

Living without having any source of income is detrimental to a person’s overall wellbeing.

You can start your own business and apart from earning from it, you will also become an employer of labor.

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We have gold in the north, oil in the south, and limestone in the middle belt region.

Also, for people willing to invest in the nation’s resources, that will be a good move.

Furthermore,  regardless of your budget, there are opportunities to invest in. You do not need to have a fortune before you can invest.

With as low as #10,000, you can conveniently start a business that will yield a good income.


Reasons why you should invest in Nigeria.


1. Lucrative Telecommunications Market:

The springing up of industries including the communication sector and the success of foreign companies such as mtn and airtel have demonstrated the potential success that can be achieved within the Nigerian Market.


2. Large Consumer Market:

Nigeria is a very populous country in Africa, with a population of over 200 million people, it is one of the 8th most populous countries in the whole world. With the number of people looking for one thing or the other, it is safe to say, it has a large consumer-based market.

3. Abundant Resources:

Nigeria has a considerable amount of resources, many of which are sorely yet to be exploited. Investment opportunities exist within the mineral resources like tin, ore, coal. In the Agricultural sector, we also have, groundnut, cocoa, coconuts, palm oil e.t.c.

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Additionally, Nigeria is one of the largest producers of oil in the world drawing inflows of fundings from overseas.


4. Favourable business environment:

Most importantly, Nigeria’s Administrative and bureaucratic procedure is streamlined to make the business environment favorable for investors.


Eight (8) profitable investment opportunities in Nigeria.

Listed below, are some of the profitable investment opportunities in Nigeria.

1. Technology:

In this century, investing in technology is like hitting a gold mine. Technology is taken over the world, no wonder we are said to be in the technological age. No day will pass that you won’t notice people using the internet.

According to statistics, over a 76million Nigerians makes use of the internet. Pick a problem in the tech area to solve and the future is all yours.


2. Oil & Gas sector:

Nigeria depends heavily on the oil and gas sector. Nigeria is one of the largest oil producers in the world. Areas to invest in the oil and gas sector is listed below:

a. Transportation of petroleum.

b. well services.

c. Pipelining.

d. products Marketing.

e. Refining.

f. Construction and installation


3. Manufacturing Company:

Nigeria is solely dependent on porting goods out of the country. This is not a good thing regarding the fact that Nigeria’s economy is the largest in Africa. There is a need to locally produce the things we need as the economy continues to grow.

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Investing in Nigeria’s manufacturing sector will not only yield profits but also help in creating jobs and boosting the economy.

Additionally, things we can manufacture are clothing items, equipment for telecommunications, fiber cables, e.t.c.

4. Fixed deposit:

If you have a huge amount of money and you do not know what to do with it, instead of just saving it in your regular savings account, you should just go for a fixed deposit. The longer the money is in there, the bigger the profit will be.


5. Logistics business:

Transportation is a big challenge in Nigeria. Most especially in Lagos, because the population is so dense. With the number of people always at the bus stop after a long day at work waiting for the bus, you can’t go wrong if you decide to invest in the transportation business. Equally important, is the haulage business. Haulage has to do with transporting various items ranging from edible products to petroleum products.

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Furthermore, in places where motorcycles and tricycles are allowed. It is a very good business to make.


6. Mining:

Mining is mainly unexplored in Nigeria. Investing in this area can be very lucrative for investors. Some of the natural resources to be mined are:

a. Limestone.

b. Bitumen

c. Gold

d. Uranium

e. Iron ore

f. Coal e.t.c.

7. Stocks and shares:

Stock is the ownership certificate of an organization while shares refer to the stock certificate of a specific company.

Buying stock and shares is a risky investment plan, but if you can take the risk and invest, it can yield considerable profit.


8. Real Estate:

Finally,  acquiring properties in Nigeria is a sure business move for a country that is still developing. If you want a quick return on investment in real estate, consider getting properties in Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja.

Additionally, If you don’t have much capital, you can simply buy lands in areas that have high development tendency.