17 Best Investment Platforms In Nigeria

Best Investment Platforms In Nigeria – Have you been thinking of how best you invest your money? The best investment platforms that will give you better ROI on your investment then we got you covered as this article will highlight some of the best investment platforms in Nigeria to invest your money.

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Some people believe in saving as they feel that there is a lot of risk involved in investing but the thing is saving over keeps your money with little or no returns but investing yields returns.

Investing is more like putting money into a financial scheme, shares or property expecting to getting returns on your money in form of profit or income. Investing helps your money to grow.

A lot of people are scared of investing and this is why they have preferred just saving the money in the bank and with the Automated Teller Machine at your disposal, you could frequently withdraw money that was meant for future events so why not start thinking in the direction of investment.

It is not as difficult as it has been painted to be and besides, it has been made so easy as you can now invest from the comfort of your home, with your laptop and phone.

With the 17 best investment platforms in Nigeria we will be discussing in this article, you will see that investing is so easy and it is the right step to take in having your future in your hands.

17 Best Investment Platforms In Nigeria

Without further ado, let’s take you through these best investment platforms in Nigeria so that you can start growing your money.


Trusted Piggyvest Alternatives For Investing

This is one of the most trusted investment apps in Nigeria and it has been a strong savings and investment platform since it was launched on the 7th of January, 2016 with the name “Piggybank.ng”.

In April 2019, the investment platform rebranded to PiggyVest with great features and presently, the PiggyVest app offer you direct investment opportunities so you will be able to save and invest any money you don’t need for now and have it grow.

PiggyVest is one of the pioneers of the innovation of mobile financial application in Nigeria.

You can choose how you would want to save; daily, weekly or monthly depending on how best it suits you.

Some of the features of the PiggyVest are:

  • PiggyBank
  • Safelock
  • Target savings
  • Investify
  • Flex Naira and Flex Dollar

To help you understand how and why you should invest with PiggyVest, we will be talking about these features of the investment platform we highlighted above.

  • PiggyBank

The PiggyBank is also called core savings and this was the initial service offered by this investment platform as it was serving as the normal traditional savings box “kolo”.

With this, users are able to choose how they saved whether daily, weekly or monthly.

You could save your money in two ways in the PiggyBank and they are Quicksave and Autosave.

  • Quicksave

With this, you can save your money instantly from your bank account as you just have to click the “quicksave” option on your PiggyBank page and put in the amount you want to save and select the payment method. With the Quicksave, you can save as high as N500,000.

  • Autosave

This is more like a standing order where a specific amount of money will be deducted from your bank account as savings into your PiggyBank at a time you have chosen.

You could set it that N10,000 be deducted from your bank account and saved into your PiggyBank every Friday at 11:00 am.

The interest rate on savings in the PiggyBank ranges from 8-10% per annum and it is calculated on a monthly basis.

You can withdraw from your PiggyBank on a quarterly basis (March 31st, June 30th, September 30th and December 31st) as these are the approved dates to withdraw where you won’t be charged any fee for withdrawal but if you want to withdraw before these dates, you will be charged a rate of 5% as withdrawal fee.

You can also choose to fix your withdrawal date but after you have withdrawn on the first date; your next withdrawal will be after 3 months if you want to withdraw without any withdrawal fee.

  • Safelock

This is more like a fixed deposit account feature which allows you to keep your money for a fixed period of time and it could be as low as 10 days and as much as 1000 days.

With this feature, you can keep your money either from the PiggyBank or directly from your bank account and earn about 10-13% interest per annum depending on how long you want to keep your money in PiggyVest.

Withdrawals cannot be made before the date you set. It acts as Treasury bill as interest can be paid upfront.

  • Target Savings

This feature allows you to save money towards a goal or specific objective and you could get an interest of 5% per annum to ensure that you meet your goal in time. This feature helps you to meet up with financial goals.

Target savings allows you to create a personal target plan or save with friends or other PiggyVest users through the Private or Public plan.

You can withdraw before the set date.

  • Investify

With this feature, you can invest in pre-vetted low-medium risk primary and secondary investment opportunities with as low as N5,000.

You get to enjoy a wide range of investment opportunities like fixed income instruments, agriculture, real estate and transportation.

You could earn an interest of 24% per annum and this also depends on the industry and duration of your investment.

  • Flex Naira and Flex Dollar

These features serve as a normal savings bank account where you can deposit your money either in Naira (Flex Naira) or Dollar (Flex Dollar).

The Flex Naira is allows you to keep your money for emergencies, receive money, transfer and also withdraw money for free. You will be provided with an account number to receive your money and you will also receive an interest rate of 8% per annum on the money you keep in your Flex Naira account.

The interest is automatically paid on the first day of each month into your Flex Naira wallet.

The Flex Dollar allows you to save, invest and transfer money in dollars and also convert dollar to Naira. You could get an interest of 5% per annum on your dollars.

You can purchase dollars through PiggyVest to fund your account and then you can invest it and earn interest before withdrawing to your domiciliary account or converting it to Naira.

Let’s look at some other features of PiggyVest

This investment platform is currently rewarding both new users and the also the person who referred them with N1000.

For you to get this bonus, you must be able to complete the task given to you as a new user.

  • The task involves two compulsory activities which are:
  • The transfer of N100 to your Flex Naira account (Flex Wallet) using your Flex account number.

You will need to have a minimum of N1,000 in at least two of PiggyVest saving plans (PiggyBank, Safelock or Target) or its investment feature (Investify).

So if you can complete these two tasks, you will be able to get your bonus.

So with these features, you can see that PiggyVest is supposed to be among the 17 best investment platforms in Nigeria.

So you can visit https://www.piggyvest.com in your browser or you can download the app on playstore or Apple store depending on your device.



Just like every other investment platforms we have been discussing, Kudabank is worthy of being in the 30 best investment platforms in Nigeria.

It is a saving and Investment app licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and has similar features to Alat.

The app is designed to help you budget, save and spend smartly and you can also carry out transactions without any charges such as maintenance fees or withdrawal fees.

It is usually called the “bank of the free” and so if nothing comes free like we all know, with Kudabank, a lot of things are free.

Also, the Kuda card is also free to use.

But before you can enjoy these free services of Kudabank, you will have to complete you KYC verification.

KYC (Know Your Customer) Categories

There are 3 KYC categories on Kudabank and they are:

  • Users with BVN and KYC
  • Basic users without BVN and KYC
  • Users with BVN or KYC
  • Basic users without BVN and KYC

If you fall into this category, you will be entitled to only two free transactions per month and limited to a maximum account balance of N300,000 and can deposit as high as N50,000 at a time and transfer as high as N10,000 at a time.

As a basic user, you cannot transfer money to other bank accounts that are not yours.

  • Users with BVN and KYC

You will fall into this category if you have uploaded both your BVN and a means of identification (KYC) which could be NIN/ID, Passport, driver’s license or voter’s card.

You will have full control of your account with no restrictions and if you use Kuda card and withdraw from its partner ATMs such as Access Bank, you won’t be charged any transaction fee.

  • User with BVN or KYC

If you fall into this category, you will get 25 free transactions every month with the same deposit and transfer limits as the basic users. Although you can transfer money to other banks.

You can visit the website at www.kudabank.com or download the application on Playstore for Android Users and Applestore for iPhone users.



This investment platform is a strong rival to PiggyVest and it has planted it foot as one of the driving force of Nigerian Fintechs.

CowryWise was established in July 2017 and it is owned by a group of financial technology experts with Edward Popoola and Razaq Ahmed as the co-founders.

This is one of the most efficient, effective and reliable investment platforms in Nigeria with over a 100,000 downloads on playstore.

This platform allows you to manage your personal finances and also help you cultivate a sound savings habit. It offers an interest rate of 15% per annum and has four methods of savings.

CowryWise Savings Plan

The CowryWise savings plans are:

  • Regular savings
  • Saving circle
  • Life goal
  • Halal savings
  • Regular savings

This plan allows you to save money for as short as three months either on daily, weekly or monthly basis and you preferred savings plan can be set up immediately you sign up on the app and you add amount you wish to save using your debit card (ATM).

  • Saving circle

This is like the target savings in PiggyVest where you get to save towards a financial goal and you also get to save with friends or other users.

  • Life goals

This plan allows you to engage in long-term savings of one-year minimum. With this plan, you get to meet up with long-term financial needs.

  • Halal savings

The word Halal is Arabic and it means “permissible” and it was designed for the Muslims. Muslims who are not interested in earning interest on their savings are the main target here.

As a Muslim, you could set up other savings plans like life goals, fixed plan, regular savings or even Save As You Earn with the Halal savings.

We have talked about the CowryWise savings plans but the excitement doesn’t stop there, it also offers you some investment plans and we will be discussing them shortly.

Cowrywise Investment Plans

The CowryWise investment plans are is a mutual funds plan that allows you as an investor to invest any amount and get returns based on the interest rate that is determined by the investment company.

The investment companies are:

  • Meristem Money Market Funds at 4.11% annual returns rate
  • Afrinvest Plutus Funds at 6.65% annual returns rate.

The investment plan is automated with a Systematic Investment Plan where you can invest your money on a periodic basis and you also get to earn interest from your investments and savings through the compound returns.

The compound returns means rolling over accumulated funds from savings and investment to another period instead of withdrawing them.

You can visit https://cowrywise.com on your browser or you download CowryWise app on playstore or Applestore and start using the investment platform to grow your money and gain financial freedom.



This investment app is one of the leading investment apps Nigeria as it has gained people’s trust. It is the online trading and investment management portal of Afrinvest Securities Limited (ASL).

With this app, you get a simpler and easier way to grow your money and attain financial freedom. On this app, you could buy and sell shares or invest in fixed income instruments anytime you like.

You can also withdraw cash by moving the cash to your bank account.

You can also get to share your thoughts, comments, suggestions and complaints using the live chat feature on the platform between 8:00am to 5:00pm.

The Afrinvest Plans are:

  • POP
  • Classic
  • Groove
  • POP

This plan allows you to start your journey to financial freedom even if you are less than 25 years old. You could deposit as high as N20,000 at a time and withdraw as high as N30,000 at a time and a maximum balance of N200,000.

  • Classic

This plan allows you to go classic and enjoy full benefit of your brokerage account. The feature includes: infinite maximum withdrawal, infinite maximum deposit and infinite maximum balance. So you can deposit any amount, withdraw any amount and have any amount in your balance.

  • Groove

This plan is for young professionals that are starting their career. With this plan, you could earn more and find your groove in the financial market. You could deposit as high as N30,000 at a time and withdraw as high as N50,000 daily with a maximum balance of N400,000.

How To Use The Afrinvest App

  • First, you have to download the app on their website, playstore or Apple store
  • You then sign up and verify your details using the link that will be sent to your email
  • Then you begin your investment journey by selecting the account that best suits your personal or business needs.

These features made Afrinvest find a spot on the 17 best investment platforms in Nigeria.

Alat by Wema

Alat by Wema

It is no surprise that this investment platform found a spot on the best investment platforms in Nigeria become is it one of the leading investment platforms in the country.

Alat is designed by Wema Bank of Nigeria and it is a mobile financial platform. It is the first fully-digital functional bank in Nigeria and many people have testified to how wonderful and useful this investment app is.

Some of the features of Alat are:

  • Personal savings plan
  • Loans
  • Group savings plan
  • Bill payments
  • Free debit and virtual card
  • Personal savings plans

Under the personal savings, there are three plans and they are:

  • Flexi Goal

If you want to save daily, weekly or monthly in order to meet a target or need, then you can use this plan. You could set your target and start a specific amount at an interest rate of 10% per annum which is three times the standard bank rate.

You can also withdraw 50% of your savings every month to giving that you meet your target and if you fail to meet up with the target, you will loss the accrued interest.

  • Fixed goal

This plan is more like the Flexi goal just that you are not allowed to make any withdrawal until you meet your target. This plan is for long term goal or target and you could lose your interest if you fail to meet up with your targeted goal.

  • Stash

This plan gives you flexibility as you are allowed to save any amount of money. With this plan, you could earn about 10% interest rate on your savings and the interest can increase as you save more.

You get to withdraw only after the first 30 days of your savings.

  • Group savings plans

Some of the plans under it are:

  • Rotating Savings

This plan allows you to form a group of about 12 friends and save at a time and you will receive savings automatically when it gets to your turn.

  • Join a Group

This plan allows you to join an existing savings group with a group code.

  • Save towards a target

This plan allows you to invite an unlimited number of people to save with you towards a specific goal or target

  • Bills payment

With Alat, you will be able to make payments for recurrent bills such as DSTV, electricity, make transfers and also purchase airtime and data.

Some other wonderful benefits of using Alat

  • Carryout out transactions at your convenience

You get to carry out transactions even without being physically present in the bank provided you have your phone and internet connection. You could carry out transaction at your own convenience.

  • Alat instant loan

You could get loans without any paperwork or collateral through the Alat Instant loan. You could get up to N2,000,000 (two million naira) but before you request for loan, you must have completed the KYC verification by:

  • Uploading a photo of a means of identification (NIN/ID, voters card or driver license)
  • A photo of a utility bill of not more than three months old with a contact address which matches the one on your profile.

After this, the loan check will be conducted and your loan will be paid into your wallet account in minutes and the interest and method of repayment will be communicated.

The loans could be either a salary based (for salary earners) or a goal based (to meet a target).

  • Free debit and virtual dollar card

You could get a free debit care regardless of where you are in Nigeria. You could also get to lock and unlock the card in cases of misplacement of card.

You will not be charged for Web or POS payments but you will be charged after your third ATM withdrawal at the same rate as normal banks.

The virtual dollar card allows you to make payments in dollars and also allows you to convert naira to dollar and dollar to naira easily.

You can visit the website www.alat.ng or download the app on playstore for android users and Applestore for iPhone users.



This is another great investment platform in Nigeria that was launched by Sterling Bank in conjunction with Parthian partners. It is a mobile app that allows as an investor whether aspiring or budding to buy securities and treasury related instruments without needing a broker.

Although you can only buy and sell treasury bills on I-invest, more money instruments will be added to it in subsequent time.

You can save money and earn interest of up to 8-11% although you can only invest as low as N100,000.

Also, you can withdraw your money easily as you just have to select the withdraw feature and your money will be transferred into the bank account details you provided.

How to use the I-invest

  • You will have to download the I-invest app on i-investing.com or playstore
  • Then you register on the platform
  • Log in to your account and start investing




This investment platform used to be called Paylater when it was launched in 2016 but the name changed when it was rebranded in 2019. Carbon is an investment platform that provides full digital financial services like investment, bill payments, savings products, loans and transfer of funds.

It is a great Fin Tech app that has some wonderful features like free credit reports and also a wallet for discounted transactions.

Carbon Savings Plan

This is called the Carbon Wallet and it allows you to save money and earn interest. You will be given a unique account number (Wallet ID) that allows you to fund your account through a mobile banking app.

For you to view your wallet ID after signing up on this investment platform, you will have to click on fund wallet, then fund with bank transfer after which your ID will be displayed.

You will get an interest rate of 4% per annum on the total funds you save in your wallet and this is paid out on the 1st of every month.

Carbon Investment Plan

The carbon investment plan is called the PayVest and it allows you to choose any investment plan either the fixed deposit, one-time or periodic investment.

PayVest allows you to create up to 5 investment plans at a time on the platform and you could fund it through your bank account or wallet.

Let’s talk about the investment plans so you can know what PayVest offers you and how you can invest to grow your money.

  • Fixed investment
  • Periodic investment
  • One-time investment
  • Fixed investment

This plan allows you to invest the from N50,000 to N100,000 with an interest rate ranging from 1-15.5% per annum.

The investment period depends on you as it could be from 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

  • Periodic investment

This plan allows you to schedule your investments daily, weekly or monthly. You could invest as low as N100 to N10,000,000 at 12% for unlocked and 13% for locked investment per annum.

  • One time investment

This plan allows you to invest from N100 to N10,000,000 with an interest rate of 10% for unlocked investment (withdrawal at any time) and for the locked investment, you get an interest rate of 11.5%.

The investment period could be from 28 to 366 days.

You should note that there is a 10% withholding tax on all interest accrued on every investment such as the tax charged on the amount of interest earned by you as an investor on Carbon.

If you withdraw your investments before the set-time, you might loss all your accrued interest.

Can you get loan on Carbon?

Yes you can actually get loan on Carbon as the investment platform offers some wonderful loan facilities to help you get loans for whichever financial need.

Carbon Loan/Credit Facilities

  • Payroll loan
  • Starter credit loan
  • SME loan
  • Payroll loan

This service allows is for salary earner and if your salary is paid through REMITA. You will be expected to complete an application using their REMITA information. You will have to state how much you would like to borrow when you apply for the loan.

The loan offers that are available will be shown on the page along with the terms of repayment and once the terms are accepted, a loan decision will be made by Carbon but you should know that Payroll users are not entitled to cashbacks.

  • Starter credit loan

This 7-days N2000 loan gives you the opportunity to get 100% cashback on interest when you repay the loan on time although there is no increase in your current loan limit.

There are some other cashback like 25 to 75% on all 15 to 30 days loans. The cashback will be paid to your wallet once the loan is repaid on time.

  • SME loan

This loan program is for people that have business and need funding. There are some strict requirements that loan applicants for this program will have to meet and they are:

  • You must be a Nigerian
  • Your business must be at least one-year old
  • You must be in the current applicable sectors like agent banking, food services, health services and retail.
  • Your business must generate monthly sales and revenue of at least N1,000,000.

If you meet these requirements, you can then visit their website https://getcarbon.co to apply for the SME loan.

If you are successful in your application, you could receive loan from N300,000 to N1,000,000 as a starter.

The interest rate is 5% of your loan amount and as you become a frequent recipient, you could get higher amount of loans when you apply.

As an SME customer, you will be eligible for a free training that is organized in conjunction with Bigspring in sales, service excellence, financial services and design thinking.

You can visit their website of download the app on Playstore or Appstore.




its wonderful benefits has earned it a spot on the 17 best investment platforms in Nigeria and it is one of the leading innovative FinTech mobile application in Nigeria.

The investment platform is powered by Investment One Financial Services which was called GTB Asset Management

This investment platform offer a lot of wonderful investment services and also relieves people of savings burden.

Deductions could be made directly from your bank account for either savings or investments.

Let’s look at some of the wonderful feature of Ziing

There are two main features of Ziing and these are the Zsave and Zplan.

  • Zsave

This plan is like a normal savings account where you can save as little as N100 at an interest of 4% per annum. The interest is calculated daily and credited to your account at the end of the month.

You have no withdrawal restrictions or time frame on deposits and you can use the money on your Zsave account to pay for bills like DSTV, electricity and even buy airtime and data.

If you transfer money to a non-GTB account, you will be charged N52.50.

  • Zplan

This is an investment plan and if you have financial goals and targets you want to meet, this is the perfect plan for you.

The minimum amount you can invest is N100 and you can deposit and withdraw for free.

Any goal you have must have 30-days duration as minimum and the interest rate could be from 4% to 10% per annum but the interest rate depends on the duration of your goal.

If you have a long-term goal, your interest rate could be higher. Locked investments or goals on this platform offer a higher interest rate than unlocked investments.

When you goals are paused, all automated deductions and accrued interest are put on hold and when the date of your goal expired, all accumulated funds will be credited into your Zsave account.

Some other plans are:

  • Zclub

This is a saving club that encourages good saving habits by rewarding users who save consistently. The club uses a block based system to determine savers that are consistent.

Savers with more block indicated good saving habits and interest rate on funds is about 5.2% per annum and it is paid every two weeks on the 15th and last day of every month into your Zclub account.

You could invest as low as N5,000 for starters which is equivalent to 5 blocks and you can buy additional blocks with time in multiples of N1,000.

  • Fixed Income

This account allows you to invest as low as N100,000 in one month at a predetermined interest.

The money will be sent to either your bank account or rolled over at the current market rates.

If you are withdrawing the money to a GTB account, no fee will be charged but if you are withdrawing to another account (non-GTB), a fee of N52.50 will be charged.

Some fixed income investments can only be withdrawn at maturity and if you withdraw your fixed income before the maturity date, you will be charged a penalty fee of 25% on your accrued interest.

Some other things you need to know about Ziing:

  • Referral Bonus

As a user of Ziing, you will be given a unique referral code and notifications will be sent when someone joins using your referral link. All the amounts earned will be paid at the month into your Zsave account.

  • Bonus date

This is for the Zclub savers and it is a day where some savers are randomly selected to receive bonus. The selection is based on the number of blocks and frequency of contribution to the platform.

To get started with this investment platform, you can visit the website at www.ziingit.com or download the mobile app on Google playstore and Apple Appstore.

Stanbic IBTC Mobile App

Stanbic IBTC

This is another great investment platform that you can explore as it offers investment packages for both local and foreign investors like pension management, wealth management and mutual funds.

One interesting thing about this platform is that you don’t need to have a Stanbic IBTC Bank account for you to use the app and you can download the app on Google Playstore or Apple Appstore and start investing.

The interest rate also varies depending on the investment periods.

How To Use The Stanbic IBTC Mobile App

  • Download the App
  • Register on the Platform
  • Choose the product you want and start investing

PayDay Investor

PayDay Investor


This investment platform is majorly for investment and group savings and its uniqueness earned it a spot on the list of best investment platforms in Nigeria. The mobile financial application allows friends to come together and save towards achieving the same target or goal.

As a user of this platform, you can invest a minimum of N1,000 at an interest rate of 2.383%.

Once you fund your account using your debit card, your investment on this app will be automated and you can also withdraw anytime without restrictions.

Let’s run through the features of the PayDay investment application

Some of the things you get to enjoy using this platform are:

  • Goal based investment
  • Group goal investment
  • One-time investment
  • Goal based investment

This plan allows you to invest towards a specific financial goal. You can name your goals, set your investment target and start-up date and frequency of investment on the app.

  • One-time investment

This plan allows you to invest any amount you want to invest at once and then you watch it grow through interest.

  • Group goal

This plan allows you to save or invest money with your friend or a user of the platform towards a specific goal you aim to achieve together.

You can visit PayDay investor at www.paydayinvestor.ng or download the app on Google playstore or Apple Appstore.

FBN Edge

FBN Edge


This is a financial investment application that is designed by the FBNQuest Asset management (an FBN Holdings Company). This investment platform made the list of 17 best investment platforms in Nigeria because it makes investment simple as it allows you as a user to open mutual funds accounts and manage your investment easily.

The app gives you the ability to invest and meet your financial goals.

Features of the FBN Edge

There are three plans that are under the FBN Edge and they are:

  • FBN Money Market Fund
  • FBN Heritage
  • FBN fixed Income
  • FBN Money Market Fund

If you are a regular saver with short or long term financial goals, you can use this plan as it allows you to invest in portfolios of short-term and high quality money market securities like Commercial papers, Certificate of Deposit, Bankers Acceptances and Treasury Bills.

You can start this plan with as high as N5,000.

  • FBN Heritage Fund

If you want to earn greater rewards over a long period of time, this is the most suitable investment plan for you.

  • FBN Fixed Income Fund

This plan exposes you to diversified portfolio of long tenured debt   securities issued by the Federal Government of Nigeria, State government and corporate institutions.

So if you have medium to long-term investment goals, you can go for this plan.

What You Can Do On The FBN Edge App

On the FBN Edge app there are some things that you can enjoy, which are:

  • You can open a mutual fund account as a new customer
  • You can purchase new mutual funds
  • You can top-up existing mutual fund accounts
  • You can sign-up easily as an existing customer
  • You can get funds from existing mutual fund accounts
  • You can view your transaction history
  • You can view your balances in real-time



If you are familiar with the Yoruba name for Piggy Bank which is “Kolo”, then you have a clue of how this investment platform works. With this app, you get to save little by little towards achieving the goal you set.

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With this app, you could easily save money conveniently and you get an interest of 10%.

How To Use The Kolopay App

  • Download the Kolopay app on the website www.kolopay.com or Google playstore.
  • Create an account
  • Setup your savings goals
  • Start saving
  • Grow your savings

Kolopay Plans

On this investment platform, you will find several investment plans which you can venture into like real estate, home and furniture, automobiles, electronics and videos and vacation plans.

If you pick any of the plans, you will have to set the specific amount you will like to be debited from your bank account at the specific time you set.




The wonderful features of this app made it earn a spot on the list of best investment platforms in Nigeria. This platform allows you to buy and sell Nigerian and US stocks with the minimum of $20.

The investment platform make it easy for Nigerians to buy and sell stocks listed on the Nigerian and US stock markets by just signing up, funding, trading and tracking investments.

You shouldn’t be scared when investing in Bamboo as its partners are members of the Nigeria Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and the US securities Investor Protector Corporation (SIPC).

So your securities are insured up to $500,000 with the SIPC.

How To Use Bamboo

  • Download the Bamboo app on Google playstore for Android users and Apple appstore for iPhone users.
  • Create an account
  • Choose from a variety of Nigerian and US stocks
  • Fund your Naira and Dollar account and start buying and selling shares.

CrowdyVest (FarmCrowdy)



One unique thing about this investment platform is that it is designed to promote agriculture in Nigeria and that is why it is one of the best investment platforms in Nigeria.

If you are looking to invest in agriculture, this is the best investing platform to use.

During the farm cycle, updates are sent to sponsors in photo, text and video formats and at the end of the farm cycle, the sponsor will receive a percentage of the profit after selling the harvested produce in addition to the initial sponsorship.

CrowdyVest Investment Plans

  • Vault plan

This plan allows you to lock in a fixed amount of money for a period of time and get an interest of 15% per annum and this interest is paid upfront.

  • Pace plan

This plan allows you to meet targets as deductions will be made automated on your locked plan starting from 3 months. You get an interest of 15% per annum.

  • Flex plan

This plan allows you to save and withdraw your money anytime you want. You get an interest of 12.5% per annum.

How To Use Crowdyvest

  • Download the CrowdyVest app on Google playstore
  • Install and sign up in the app
  • Identify a farm of your choice and sponsor as many units as your money can take.




This is another great investment app that allows you to invest in US, Chinese and Nigerian stocks and government bonds with a minimum amount of N1,000. The investment platform has a timed invest feature that will help make investing a habit.

You can easily track all your investments and you also get to receive investment tips and educational information that will help boost your confidence to invest.

Their security is top-notch as there use bank-level security measures to protect your personal information so there is no reason to be scared of investing in Trove.

How To Use Trove

  • Download Trove app on Google Playstore or Apple Appstore
  • Complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) process to start investing
  • Purchase any publicly traded equity, bond or foreign assets.

Thrive Agric

Thrive Agric

This is another investment application that is designed to promote agriculture in Nigeria and it is seriously making waves in Nigeria. It is a great way to invest in agriculture as you will help empower farmers and promote agriculture while you grow your money.

With Thrive Agric with is one of the thriving agribusiness platforms in Nigeria, you can become a farmer even without lifting a cutlass. You just have to fund any of the Thrive Agric available farms and allow them to farm in your stead.

You get to follow up as the app gives you detailed information and updates about the activities on your farm from the growth stage through to the harvesting stage.

When the farm cycle is complete, you could get up to 25% profit.

How To Use Thrive Agric

  • Download Thrive Agric app on Google playstore
  • Create an account on the platform
  • Choose a farm
  • Get updates
  • Get returns


chaka invest

The ability for you to buy local and foreign stocks on this investment platform earned it a place on the 17 best investment platforms in Nigeria. You can start investing with as low as $10 or N1,000.

For you to start investing on Chaka, you must present a Government Issued ID and a utility bill and then some other information like bank account information, email address and phone number.

You can pay using Visa, Mastercard or Verve card or through bank transfer after which you can track your returns on investment through the website or mobile app.

It could take up to 12 hours from when your request was made to withdraw the available cash in your account. To withdraw cash from sold stocks (locally or globally) takes 3 days.

There is no need to be scared about investing in Chaka as every account on the platform is protected by bank level AES encryption software. So your personal information is safe.

Final Note

If you have not been considering investment, then you should as it helps you money to grow instead of just leaving it in your bank account. When investing, try to look for the safest possible investment to venture into and investment has been made easier with these 17 best investment platforms in Nigeria.

Some of them even offer you the opportunity to buy local and foreign stocks which is a good way to invest your money.

So if you reading this part of the article, it means you have read through the article and so you will be able to choose the best investment platform for you as all the investment platforms listed here are efficient, effective and reliable.

Start investing and grow your money with the best investment platforms in Nigeria today!!


What can i invest with N5,000 in Nigeria?

With as low as N5,000 you can invest in mutual funds, stocks/equities, crowdfunding, fintech savings and FGN savings Bond.

What investments have high returns in Nigeria?

If you are looking for invest opportunities that are lucrative, here are few of them you can put your money into and watch your money grow
1. Real Estate
2. Agriculture
3. Stocks
4. FGN Bonds
5. Fixed Deposit
6. Mining
7. Manufacturing Industry

Is PiggyVest Approved by CBN?

Piggyvest operates as a microfinance bank regulated by the CBN and the funds are insured by the Nigerian deposit insurance corporation (NDIC)

How safe is cowryWise?

CowryWise is built with bank level security and so, critical customer data is encrypted, rendered unreadable and then securely stored. Card information is handled by a PCI-DSS complaint payment processor.

Who is the CEO of KudaBank?

The CEO and Co-Founder of Kudabank is babs Ogundeyi. The first only digital bank in Nigeria has its headquarters at 151 Herbert Macaulay Rd, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.