Best Way To Start Blogging For Money

Best way to start blogging for money.


Blogging can be a good source of revenue-generating side job or a main job. You can make money from blogging if you know how to do it right.

Note: it is not the easiest way to make money, as it will require patience and hard work but in the long run it pays.

Starting A Blog

Starting a blog can be daunting if you do not have much knowledge of it. For you to create a blog you can either start by having your website or use a free blogging platform.

Those not interested in making money from blogging can use the free blogging platform.

Note: there are a lot of platforms that will let you blog for free but the only issue is that it is very limiting. They do not allow you to place banner adverts on their sites or do affiliate marketing on the site.

Best free blogging sites include blogger, WordPress, and medium.

But if you intend to make money from blogging then get your website. You will have complete control of customization and design.

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After making your choice on the kind of blog to have the next thing to do is to choose a niche. In choosing a niche go for the one you have passion for. Next, promote your blog on social media, connect with other bloggers, create viral connect.

Best Way To Start Blogging For Money

Once your blog is set up and you are churning out good quality content. The next thing to worry about is the best way to start blogging for money. The best way to make money include:

1. Add banner advert to your site:

You can sell banner advertisements on your site to brands that are relatable to your audience. You can earn by cost per click(CPC), I.e for everyone that clicks on the advert you get paid. On the other hand, you can earn from CPM(cost per thousand) you will negotiate a set payment for every 1000 impressions the ads get.

2. Write sponsored content:

Offer opportunities for sponsored content. Companies may offer you money for you to write about their products and services on their site. This will work best if your niche audience is plenty.

3. Charge for social media sponsored post:

Work hard and have a strong follower base, get seen by brands, and get hired to write posts about them that will capture your audience. Some bloggers make such a huge lump through posts about brands on their social medium platform.

4. Sell digital products:

You can charge a small fee for digital products on your sites like ebooks, workshops, video tutorials e.t.c.

It can be quite a hurdle to convince your audience to pay money for anything unless it’s very valuable.

5. Use affiliate marketing on your site(blog):

With an affiliate marketer, you get to make a small commission on each sale buyer purchases using your link.

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All you have to do is add tracked affiliate links into the text of your blog. The link will lead customers to the site of the brand and you get a commission for any purchase done.

To be successful as an affiliate marketer, the key is to be authentic and genuine.

Give your honest opinion about products and services, only encourage them to buy the product you think will be genuinely beneficial to them.

On a final note, it is good to know you can make money from blogging, it all depends on time.

To make a decent earning from blogging, you need to have multiple streams of income through different means.