How To Check Bvn On Access Bank


If you are looking for how to check your BVN on Access Bank, then you saw this article right in time as we know a lot of Nigerians are having difficulties checking their BVN and so we have decided to make things easy by revealing all the information about BVN and how you can check BVN on Access Bank.

In this write up, we will take you the various ways to get your BVN on your phone or online portal.

Whichever network provider you are using whether MTN, Glo, Airtel, or 9mobile, we will be showing you how you can check for you BVN on your phone using any of these network providers.

Without further delay, let’s start…

What Is BVN Code?

The full meaning of BVN is Bank Verification Number and this number is for all banking and financial institution in Nigeria. It is used to identify the bank account holder.

So whether you have three bank accounts in three different banks, you only need one BVN to control the three banks. The BVN is very important and shouldn’t be disclosed to anyone except the bank.

How To Check BVN On Access Bank

How To Check BVN Using The BVN USSD CODE

The official USSD code that is used to check the BVN of Access Bank and every other bank in Nigeria is *565*0#.

You don’t need to follow any special step to check your BVN regardless of the bank and network provider you are using.

When you dial this *565*0# on your phone, the number will show on your phone screen and you will be charged N20 for that service regardless of the network provider you are using.

How To Check You BVN Using Access Bank USSD Code

The official Access Bank USSD code is *901# and it is one of easy ways you can check for you BVN on Access Bank. All you need is your mobile phone and the registered phone number with the bank and you are good to go.

We will be highlighting the steps you will have to follow below:

First Step

  • Dial *901#

Then these options will display on your phone screen:

  • Check balance
  • Transfer
  • Airtime
  • Other services
  • Diamond Xtra

Second Step

  • Select option 4 (other services) and press SEND

The following will then display on your screen:

  • Payday loan
  • Bill payment
  • Data
  • Enquiry services
  • Reset PIN
  • Cardless withdrawal
  • Referral Scheme 8.
  • Opt-out

Third Step

  • Select the option 4 (Enquiry services) and SEND

The following will then display on your phone:

  • Mini statement
  • BVN enquiry
  • Account Number

Fourth Step

  • Select the option 2 (BVN enquiry) and press SEND
  • You will be requested to enter the last six digits of your ATM card
  • Fill in the digits in the box provided and SEND
  • Your BVN will appear on your phone screen.  

How To Check Your BVN Using Whatsapp Banking

You can check your BVN on Access Bank by contacting the Access Bank WhatsApp line. The line is 09090901901.

You will be able to chat with them like you are chatting with your friend and you must have saved the number and then you can request for your BVN. \

You may be required to provide certain information before they will send you your BVN.

What Is The BVN Used For

Your BVN is used for easy identification and verification during any banking operation

The BVN is your financial ID card and can be used to gain access to vital account information.

Although your BVN alone cannot give anybody access to funds on your account but it will help fraudsters to hack your account.

How To Link Your BVN To Access Bank Account

Linking your BVN to your Access Bank account is not really difficult as this can be done in three ways which are: the online banking, SMS and BVN linking portal.

How To Link BVN Using Online Banking

You will just have to log in to your Access Bank internet banking account and link your bank details online.

  • Go to your online banking dashboard and select Service Requests Menu
  • Then you select Initiate Service Request
  • Then select link BVN

How To Link BVN Using SMS

If you want to link your BVN to your Access Bank account, send your BVN to 20121.

After sending the text message, you will have to wait for some minutes to receive a confirmation SMS.

Make sure you are using the registered phone number with the bank.

How To Link Your BVN To Your Access Bank Account Using The BVN Linking Portal

You will just have to visit the BVN linking portal (website) to connect your details online.

How To Change The BVN Phone Number

You might want to change the phone number of your BVN either because the SIM card was stolen or misplaced. It is always disturbing when your SIM card is lost or stolen because if it gets into the wrong hands, your private banking information are not safe.

When you misplace your SIM card and did not retrieve it, the network provider may reassign the number (SIM card) to another user and this could turn out to be a problem for you.

You must have heard or been in a situation where you receive bank SMS alerts from another person’s bank account.

A lot of people get confused and frustrated when they misplace their SIM card but there is no need for panic as we will be showing you how you can change the phone number linked to your BVN.

Let’s look at the steps to help you change your BVN phone number:

You will have to get a sworn Affidavit

This is the first step to take as this proves that you are the owner of the phone number tied to your BVN. You will have to find a reputable court close to you and swear an affidavit that you are the owner of the lost or stolen SIM card with the phone number.

You will have to get a valid government-issued ID card

After you must have sworn the affidavit, you will have to get a valid government-issued ID card that has the same name as the one in your bank account.

Go to the BVN Bank

After you must have sworn the affidavit and gotten a valid ID card, you then proceed to your BVN bank.

Your BVN bank may be different from the bank you maintain an account with because the Bank where you registered your BVN is the bank recognized as your BVN bank.

Request for change of BVN phone number

You will have to request for change of your BVN phone number and this might be different from phone number for your bank account.

Validating BVN identity at the Bank

You will be asked to validate your BVN identity at the bank through a fingerprint scan. So it is only when you are the owner of the bank account that you can change your BVN phone number.

Nobody can help you change your phone number no matter how close you are to them or how much you pay.

You will then have to wait for 24 hours for the change of the BVN number to be effected.

Then you check if your new phone number has been linked to your BVN by dialing *565*0#.

If the BVN shows, then it means the new phone number is now your BVN number.