How To Make & Complete GoTV Payment Online

GoTv payments. Do you want to know about GoTv payments? If your answer is yes then stay glued to your phone. We’ll be looking at how to make & complete GOTV payments online.

GoTv payment

GoTv is a paid Tv terrestrial service owned by multi-choice. Its programming consists of international and African programming only.


It was founded on the 5th of September 2011. With GoTv you have access to a wide range of services that will suit you and your family’s needs. You can also get exciting offers with GoTv payment if you upgrade your packages.

Some of the packages on GoTv include:

1.The GoTv jinja:

The GoTv Jinja costs # 1,640 per month and it has about 57 channels. Some of these channels are:

  •  Max
  • Wap Tv
  • BCOS
  • Arewa24
  • Channels
  • AIT
  • Lagos Tv
  • African Magic Epic
  • Urban Tv
  • Sound City e.t.c.

2. Another GoTv payment package is the GoTv Smallie:

The GoTv smallie only contains 36 channels, we have the yearly, quarterly, and monthly plan on the smallie package.

The yearly plan subscription costs about  6,200, the monthly plan is 800 and the quarterly is 3,400. Some of the channels in the smallie plan are:

  • Galaxy
  • Max
  • BCOS
  • R2TV
  • Silverbird
  • NTA international
  • META
  • AIT
  • Channels e.t.c.

3. GoTv Jolli:

The GoTv jolly contains 82 channels and it cost # 2,640 monthly for a subscription. Some of the channels are:

  • Star life Tv
  • Zeeworld.
  • Eva +
  • Telemundo
  • Fox
  • Fox Life
  • NatGeo Wild
  • Television
  • Africa Magic Family e.t.c.

4. Another package is the My GoTv Max:

The GoTv is a new Govt Bouquet recently added. With the GoTv Max, you have a chance to treat yourself to a variety of choice channels. Including the best sport choices. It has about 90 channels, including a channel for premier league and champion league matches. Some channels in the Govt Max include:

  • Telemundo
  • Zeeworld.
  • Eva +
  • Discovery Family
  • Star life
  • NatGeo Wild
  • Spice Tv
  • Discovery ID
  • E! Entertainment.
  • Fox
  • Fox Life
  • CBS Reality.
  • Africa Magic Family. E.t.c.

It cost # 3,600 monthly to keep subscribing.

4. GoTv plus:

The GoTv plus costs # 1,900 per month, it allows you access to about 57 exciting channels. Some of these channels are:

  • African Magic Epic family
  • Afro music English
  • African Magic Igbo
  • Al Jazeera
  • African magic Yoruba
  • Area 24
  • African magic Hausa.
  • Channels
  • Bbc world news
  • Bbc International
  • Zeeworld
  • Televista e.t.c.

What is GoTv payment?

GoTv payment is the money you pay each month to renew your subscription on their platform. 

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You can either make payments at any of their branches near you. or take the easy way out by making use of the convenient and easy payment method talked about below.

How To Set up New GoTv Account Online:

If you install a new GoTv, then set up your account from the comfort of your home and office by following the step below.

  • Go to the activation account page
  • Select your city
  • Enter phone number and surname
  • Input Inc number in the space provided.

GoTv Payments.

1. First on the list for GoTv Payments is Quick teller:

quick teller is a subsidiary of inter-switch. It is a very trusted platform in Nigeria that you can pay your bills with. To use a quick teller you need to have an account with them. Registration takes less or 5 minutes.

To register on this platform go to

Using the quick teller website.

  • Using your mobile phone/pc internet, visit
  • From the drop-down menu select the GoTv subscription plan you want.
  • Input your gotv decoder Inc that is located under the decoder.
  • Input your email/phone number and click on continue.
  • Select your debit card type(verve, MasterCard or Visa) fill in your details.
  • Click on the play button.

Note: while doing this payment process make sure your GoTv decoder is on and the quick teller charges #100 for this service.

2. Second on the list of GoTv payments is GoTv self-service:

The GoTv self-service allows you to resolve issues on the company’s website yourself. With this service, you can activate your decoder, recharge your account, contact customer care, and fix errors.

 Switch on your GoTv decoder before you commence. With this platform, you can pay for your subscription, pay for a friend. You can even do this while still outside the country.

Steps to Use the GoTv easy self-service:

  • Go to
  • Enter your govt Inc number.
  • Select your country.
  • Enter the captcha code to prove you are not a robot.
  • Click verify
  • Enter debit card details and click proceed.

3. Gt Mobile banking for GoTv Payments:

you can pay for gotv using the Gt mobile banking application. Using the GT mobile banking is faster and your viewing will be restored immediately.

To get started :

  •  Download the Gtworld application from the mobile store. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your mobile application
  • Launch the application and sign in.
  • Click on payment then cable.
  • Pick the amount to be debited
  • Select GoTv from the Category.
  • Select Product.
  • Enter your decoder IUC number and tap continue.
  • Complete your transaction by using a token or a pin.

4. Another GoTv Payment Option is the Eazy Money wallet:

If you do not have an easy money wallet you can set up one by registering at a zenith bank branch.

  • Go to www.
  • Enter your mobile number and easy money wallet pin
  • Click continue
  • Select your package
  • Click pay.

Note: always put on your GoTv decoder before subscribing.

5. Using USSD GoTv payment option:

Yes, you read right, you can make use of used codes to renew your tv subscription from your mobile phone.


  • Dial *894*amount*Inc number #.
  • For example, if you want to recharge # 3,600. Dial *894*3600*1234567898#
  • Confirm your details then send.

For zenith bank:

Dail *966*7*Amount*IUC Number#.

Confirm details then send.

For fidelity:

*700*1088*IUC Number* Amount #

Confirm your details then press send.

Contacting GoTv Customer Care:

If you are wondering how to contact GoTv Customer care, call them on 08039044688.

Other medium to reach customer care for help are:

  • Sending them SMS to 4688
  • Reach them via email at [email protected]

Setting up parental control on GoTv.

It’s important to watch what your kids are exposed to most especially Tv shows hence the parental control.

To set it up:

  • Press the menu button in your GoTv remote
  • Scroll down to parental control.
  • Select PG settings
  • Enter the default pin which is 1234.
  • Change to personalize from global blocking
  • Scroll and select parental guidance and set it to 18
  • Or you can block channels as an alternative measure.
  • Select the channel and click the block.

How to change your GoTv package:

To change your GoTv package, just go to the GoTv self-service page, then log in using your Inc number, phone number, and surname.

Secondly, use the link on your dashboard to pay for the package you want to change to.


Contact the closest GoTv center to you after your subscription expires for them to either downgrade or upgrade your services as the case may be.

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Another option is using the GoTv shortcodes 46688 and *288*1# for those in Nigeria. With that, you can change to any subscription package that you want.

How to access your IUC number.

Normally, your IUC number is found printed on a sticker under your decoder. But if the number has faded away the other way you can access it is:

  • Press the menu button on your Gotv remote control.
  • Click information center.
  • Copy out your IUC number to a safe place.


Using online to make your GoTv payment is faster, convenient, and much easier to do than looking for outlets around you to have it done.