How To Make Money On Instagram Without Followers

How To Make Money On Instagram Without Followers

This question; how to make money on Instagram without followers? is now have a solution and here is a genuine guide that answer the question perfectly.

Social media platforms are mainly made to keep up with family and friends. Also, A lot of people make money on social media everyday. In this article, I’m going to teach you how to make money on Instagram without followers or less followers and reveal the secret behind the quick success. 

Instagram as a photo-sharing platform can also be your main source of income or a source to earn extra cash. It require small business ideas to kick start and start making money on Instagram.

To make money on IG without followers or with few followers can be difficult and that’s why everybody keeps seeking for more followers everyday.a

You really need small business ideas before you can start thinking of making money on Instagram.

List of Small Business Ideas on Instagram

  1. Affiliate Marketer
  2. Instagram Influencer
  3. Food Channel
  4. Graphic Designer
  5. Animator
  6. Fashion Designer
  7. Musician
  8. Photographer
  9. Social Commerce Seller
  10. Digital Product Seller
  11. Instagram Manager or Consultant
  12. DIY Expert
  13. Personal Stylist
  14. Travel Blogger
  15. Handmade Business Owner
  16. Illustrator
  17. Infographic Designer
  18. Pet personality
  19. Comedian
  20. Secondhand Goods Seller e.t.c.

Before you can make money on Instagram, you need more people to see your post and you don’t have much followers then how do you do it? just continue reading and don’t skip any part of this guide because I’m going to teach you how to do it step by step.

Instagram logo
Instagram logo

This technique I’m about to teach you worked a lot for many people and I’m very sure it will work for you too. Oh! you think I’m going to charge you for this? No, I’m giving this out for free but you can come back to buy me a cup of coffee if this works out for you which I believe it will. If you implement this technique very well it will get you a lot of Instagram followers and brand exposure. Let’s dive in and waste no more time…

Since you already have a business idea check business opportunities on Finance Naija then you can make money on Instagram without followers or few followers. The trick is very simple, you are looking for more followers only to have more people to view your post right? But what if your post go viral and not just to any person but to targeted people. This should be IG promotion but it’s free and it works like Instagram promotions.

All you need to let your post reach many people without followers “HikTop+”.

The “HikeTop+” App is a free Mobile App that works with Instagram Mobile App. This App has many categories like Fashion, Sport, Food, Lifestyle, Coding and lots more. This App will generate the trending # hashtags # for a particular category at the moment for you.

HikeTop App home
HikeTop App home page

Follow the steps below to reach more people and make money on Instagram without followers.

  • Download the “HikeTop+” App on Playstore or on Applestore
  • Make your eye-catching image available and ready
  • Open the HikeTop App on your phone
  • Choose a perfect and matched category for your post by clicking on “See More” in front of chosen category
  • It will open the trending #hashtags# for the chosen category at the moment
  • Click on ‘Copy and Open Instagram‘ button below
  • Instagram App will open automatically then select image for your post
  • Make sure you allow Instagram to share the post to your Twitter if you have Twitter account
  • Write caption for your post
  • Paste the copied # hashtags # below your caption
  • Count those hashtags, remove some of more than 30 because IG can’t allow more than 30 hashtags per post
  • Hit the share button and wait for results


It’s very easy to make money on Instagram without followers if you implement the above technique correctly. The most important thing to put more effort on is your graphics.

Make sure you use a very eye-catching image or video with high quality. This will help your post to move a long way and make sure you choose a perfect category for your post. Good luck and enjoy making money online.


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