How To Make Money On YouTube

How to make money on youtube

How to make money on YouTube is a cool topic we are going to cover today. YouTube generated $19.7 billion in revenue as of last year. And in the quarter of this year (2021), they made about $6 billion in revenue.

The total number of monthly YouTube users is over 2billion, while active daily users are 122million.

With the number of videos watched per day tending to 1 billion, you can make a whole lot of money on YouTube.

So in today’s article, we will be talking about how to make money on YouTube.


How To Make Money On YouTube

The most obvious way to make money on YouTube is through ad revenues, but note that it’s not the only way.

With hours of video uploaded per minute across YouTube sites to be 500. And 6.5 billion as a total number of daily YouTube short views you can make so much if you know what to do.

How you can make money on YouTube includes:

1. Become a partner with YouTube:

Apart from ads revenues, YouTube partners have access to multiple streams of income.

Note: you don’t have to be a partner before you can make money, being a partner just makes the process way easier.

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If you are a YouTube partner, you have access to things like premium subscription fees, merchandise shelf, channel memberships e.t.c.

To become a partner with YouTube first

I. Start a YouTube channel:

Create a YouTube channel

ii. Grow your channel:

Post relevant and helpful content to your channel, increase your number of followers to meet up the partnership target.

For you to become a partner with YouTube, you need about 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in a year.

iii. Set up an AdSense account:

You can successfully set up a YouTube AdSense account by following youtube’s official guide to setting up an AdSense account.

iv. Explore your monetization features:

As a partner with YouTube, you have access to diverse monetization features like ad revenue, super chat payments e.t.c.

v. Stay on the right side of the law:

As a YouTube partner, your channel will be held to a very high standard, endeavor to follow community guidelines, and do not infringe on copyright laws.


2. Sell your products:

Sell your products on  YouTube to your followers, you can sell customized t-shirts, energy drinks, ebooks e.t.c.

The first step in achieving this is to discover the kind of products you want to sell. Secondly, find a supplier for your products. Third, create a landing page and a shop. Fourth enable your merchandise shelf and finally, promote your products in videos.


3. Create content:

Another way to make money on YouTube is to create content, you can be a book vlogger, an entertainment vlogger, or even give tutorials online. All you just have to do is license these products to the media.

These are all ways to make money on youtube.


4. Crowdfunding your next project:

When you need assistance in buying equipment or other production costs, crowdfunding is the way to go.

Some popular crowdfunding sites on youtube are Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Offer a sneak peek of what your project is about. Make sure to set up a goal that will be attainable, that is the only way to secure it.


5. Become a brand influencer:

More and more brands are willing to pay money to influencers to market and sell their products.

Depending on your niche and number of followers you can negotiate good deals with brands.

The key to being successful in this is to not endorse anything you have got no likeness for. Be transparent with your audience. Some influencer platforms to join on YouTube are:

Grapevine logic: you need only 1000 followers to be eligible.

Channel pages: makes you partner with other YouTubers and brands.

Crowd tap: does not have a restriction on the number of followers you should have before joining.

It allows you to create a small content task in exchange for money and rewards.

Get into as many of these influencer’s platforms as you can to increase your site visibility.

Finally, be creative and channel your entrepreneurial drive.