12 Tricks To Make More Money Online On Daily Basis

Tired of being broke? Think you have no exemplary skills to make more money for yourself? Do you know there are easy ways to make money online with just your phone and data connection and avoid always being broke?

Yes, you read me right. Here, I am going to teach you 12 tricks to make more money online and put your bank account in an eternal smiling state.

12 Tricks To Make More Money Online On Daily Basis
The Finance Naija principle of making money online

Even without certifiable skill acquisition like project management, human resource management and the likes. there are normal day-to-day skills that can be improved and used to increase your income turn-in.

Knowing how to handle disturbance or problem solving skills, reasoning broadly, noticing and maximising emotions for your benefit, people management, creativity and cooperative skills can go a long way in fetching you the huge bucks.


1. Work as a freelance writer

Either content or copy writing is a great way of enhancing your financial stability. You can get paid writing articles, poems, short stories or adverts for people or organisations online and submitting also to various sites like Fiverr, Up work, Mediabistro, Problogger, Content etc.

All you just need to do is to calm down, think, get creative and watch the money rolling in. Cool, right?


2. Make more money taking surveys.

Make money from all over the universe on the net by sharing your opinions on particular topics and the coolest thing about it is that you don’t have to invest a single kobo.

Just find a particular website where surveys are exchanged for cash, register and make more money in points.

3. Through YouTube channels

Surprised at the increasing rate of upcoming and fast-rising YouTubers? Don’t be for it ought to be so. YouTube channels are legit means to increase the size of your pockets.

Through an AdSense account, you can set up a YouTube channel and enable it for monetization. You just decide the features of videos you want to specialize in, build your traffic and let the bucks roll in – even while you are sleeping. Isn’t that spiffing?


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4. Affiliate marketing

Make money through affiliate marketing by helping to promote or drive traffic to someone’s business or brand at a particular rate or percentage.

There are a lot of affiliate platforms to make money online and all you have to do is join and drive traffic to the sites by referral and in turn, they pay you in form of commission.

5. Through publishing

Have you always wanted to publish an eBook or a paperback cover book and have been discouraged by the exorbiatabt price set by traditional publishers? Fear not, there are a lot of online self-publishing companies like Lulu, Amazon kdp, Draft2Digital, Smashwords etc where you can upload and publish your books for free without any stress and make your cool dollars in form of royalties. And hey, using this method, you also get richer while sleeping.


6. Developing apps and websites

This doesn’t seem as hard as it sounds. You may think this method is only for the genius but let me get this straight to you, almost everybody can make money online by developing Apps and Websites.

Develop an app or website, upload, advertise, draw traffic towards it and watch your bucks increase in folds as people download or subscribe to it.

7. Being an Online Coach

So you have various skills in your hands and brain and yet it is not bringing in the money for you, why don’t you make money through it by offering to teach others? Yes.

All over the world, people are dying to save themselves from the throes of financial woes and they would be willing to learn new skills if it is said to be lucrative (writing from experience).

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All you need to do is to get lots of tutorials videos which could be gotten from YouTube and tutorial notes in PDF format. Get an audience either through any of the social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook group or pages and Instagram, offer to teach them as a discount and watch people beg you to take their money.


8. Blogging

It has been a long time that people have been making money as bloggers. Create a blog, find a niche, host your site, draw traffic, write and post intriguing contents and make money from your hobby and hustle.


9. Invest

There are legit online sites where you pay a sum of money in form of a package and get back interest after some intervals. But in all doings, be moderate and make sure to complete your research before investing to no incur loss for yourself.

10. Sell online

You can also make money online by advertising your goods and products on social media platforms. Then, gain as people from all over the country make orders and you deliver to them.


11. Earn as a skilled intellectual

The demand for graphic designers, artists and digital marketers (to mention a few) is rising as the days progress. You can also make more money off it online by designing for corporations, brands and individuals in need of such skills. Without stress and without having to leave your house.


12. Earn extra income online as a bi- or multilingual person

Another cool way to also earn money online is by translating documents from one language to the other for clients who are unable to do so.

In this era of language dynamics, authors of books or organizations want to expand their reach beyond their hometown and across the globe. They are therefore ready to pay individuals who could help them acheive their aims by helping translate. And get their works to readers or customers from different ethnic backgrounds. You can earn money using this skill on Upwork, Fiverr etc.


So, instead of complaining about the economy of the country or feeling constantly beat down about your financial status. Why don’t you find a skill you probably can market and uplift yourself financially and keep smiling? As the sky is wide enough to serve everybody as online is available for everybody to make money from there.


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