How To Upgrade My Access Bank Account

How To Upgrade My Access Bank Account – If you opened an account with Access Bank and you are looking for how you would be able to upgrade it may be because there is a limit the transactions you can perform with the account or the amount of money that can come into the account, then you are lucky seeing this article.

There were times when opening of bank account was really difficult as some bank even required prospective account holders to have up to N10,000 to open a savings account and this was an issue for some people especially students, small-scale business owners and petty traders.

Access Bank along with some other banks saw the need to capture these customers who couldn’t afford such amount and introduced the zero account.

So in this article, we will be showing you how you can open a Zero account with Access Bank and also how you can upgrade your account with Access Bank.

Without much ado, let’s start…

What is a Zero Bank Account?

Just like the name implies, the zero bank account is a type of savings account where no amount is required to open the account. This account is mostly owned by students and low-income earners.

The bank expects these account holders to come upgrade the account when they grow financially.

The Zero account is usually very limited and under certain restrictions when it comes to the services the account holders enjoy.

The ATM cards for this account are usually the Verve Card which cannot be used outside the country or conduct international payments.

There is also a limit to the amount of money that can be credited into the account. You cannot received over N60,000 at once as you will be placed on lien and barred until you upgrade it.

You cannot have over N300,000 in the Zero account and if you want to exceed this limit and enjoy more banking services, you will have to upgrade your account.

You could decide to upgrade your account to a premium account which has no limit as to the amount that it can take and also the transaction to be performed with the account.

How To Upgrade Your Access Bank Account

Here, we will be showing you two ways you can go about upgrading your Access Bank account and it is either you go to the bank or you talk to their customer care support.

Go To The Bank

  • Visit the nearest Access Bank branch around you and make sure you carry the necessary documents which include a valid means of identification and a utility bill.
  • Meet the customer care representative in the banking hall
  • Tell the customer care representative that you want to upgrade your bank account
  • You will be given a form to fill
  • The form contains biodata questions about you. The information in the form are:
    • Name
    • type of account
    • Where you opened the account initially
    • Residential address
    • Email address
    • Phone number
    • Next of kin and his or her contact address
    • Salary range
  • After filling the form with the right information, your means of identification     and utility bill will be scanned and stamped together with the form for processing.
  • A background check about you will be done within 48 hours and you will receive a message that your account has been upgraded when you are found credible.

You should note that the address you wrote on the form must match the address on the utility bill.

Customer Care Support

You can also upgrade your Access Bank account by contacting an Access Bank customer support channel through their phone number or email and stating your request.

Phone Number: 0700 300 0000, 01-2712005-7

Email address: [email protected]/

You can write your request like this:

Dear Access Bank Plc,

I wish to upgrade my Access Bank account from —— to ——.

You will then have to attach a scanned copy of your valid ID card, recent utility bill and passport photograph.

You will also need to fill in the information below when making your request:

  • Name;
  • Account Number;
  • BVN;
  • Phone Number;
  • Address

Please do inform me if you will need more details.

Expect to hear from you.

Kind regards.

Can I Upgrade My Savings Account Online?

In as much as the mobile app and internet banking has made banking so easy as you don’t have to go the bank to perform certain transactions, you cannot upgrade your Access Bank account online.

You will have to visit an Access Bank branch near you to upgrade your Access Bank savings account.

How Do I Know My Access Bank Transfer Limit?

To know your Access Bank limit, you will have to login to your Access Bank mobile app and click on account and click on transfer limit.

How To Increase Access Bank Transfer Limit

On a default settings on your mobile app, you can perform transactions of up to N100,000 per transaction and total of N1 million per day. You can also set your transaction up to N1 million per transaction.

Final Note

We have shown you how you can actually upgrade your Access bank account to a premium savings so that you can enjoy unlimited transactions and bank services. The premium savings account has no limit to the amount of money that can enter into the account or stay in the account.

So if you are running on a Zero bank account and want to upgrade to a premium savings account, follow what we have talked about in this article and your account will be upgraded within 48 hours.