How To Work in Canada as a Driver


Do you know that there are job opportunities for drivers who want to come to Canada and this is the best time to immigrate to Canada?

Immigrating to Canada currently is quite easy as it has one of the most relaxed immigration policies in the world and the Canadian government has an agenda of welcoming about 432,000 immigrants to the country this year in order to meet up with the target of inviting 1.3 million immigrants to the country within the next three years according to the Immigration Levels Plan 2022-2024.

So you see that the Canadian borders are open to immigrants but you will have to meet the requirements to immigrate to Canada and also have something to offer in Canada before you can successfully immigrate to Canada.

So if you are a driver, you are in luck as drivers are among the jobs that are in demand in Canada as some provinces in Canada are really in need of drivers most especially the truck drivers.

In this article, we will be looking at the provinces in Canada where drivers (truck) are in demand and we will also look at the most suitable immigration programs through which you can immigrate and work in Canada as a driver.

Provinces In Canada To Find Work As A Driver

  • Ontario

Truck driving is becoming a fast-rising occupation and it is an obvious contributor to the economy of the province. It is seen a major mode of transportation in the country and also used for distributing goods from one place to another within the country and provinces and this has made it necessary for the province of Ontario to be in-demand for experienced truck drivers to fill up labour shortages in that sector and contribute to the growth of the industry.

It has been estimated that there will be a shortage of truck drivers in the coming years and this shortage in truck drivers will definitely affect the economy of the province and the country at large.

So the Ontario’s Trucking Association has included truck driving in the list of occupations in-demand in the province. The changes made to the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP) has allowed the province create its own way to address and meet its immigration needs and requirements.

So you must have a job offer from an employer in Ontario to get nominated to immigrate to Canada through the OINP.

  • Saskatchewan

This is another province in Canada where truck drivers are in demand and it has its own Provincial Nomination Program which is tailored to meet the shortages of truck drivers in the province.

Through the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP) allows truck driving firms to bring qualified truck drivers to the province and to qualify for the program, you must start working for an approved truck driving firm in the province as a temporary foreign worker.

Then you can apply to the SINP for permanent residency after the approved truck driving firm offers you a permanent employment as a truck driver and this should be at least after six months.

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) must issue a permit and it must be based on a positive Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) meaning that the employer needs a foreigner to fill that job position. Also, you will need a Saskatchewan Class 1A driver’s license and have a full-time and permanent job offer in the province.

How To Immigrate To Canada As A Truck Driver

There are about 100 immigration programs through which immigrants can come to Canada but as a truck driver, we will be looking at the most suitable immigration programs through which you can immigrate to Canada.

  • The Provincial Nomination Program

This program was created to help provinces in Canada meet up with their labour shortages. There are 11 provincial nominee programs for the 11 participating provinces in Canada.

Through this program, employers in the participating provinces can hire foreign workers to come fill up labour shortages in the province. These foreign workers could be skilled, unskilled or semi-skilled and they all have streams through which foreign workers can go through.

Each of the participating provinces are in charge of its own PNP and it set its requirements to meet its labour needs and requirements.

This program is designed to help the provinces and territories in Canada hire foreign skilled workers to come contribute to the workforce and development of the provinces.

As a driver looking for work in Canada, you will have to apply for the job in provinces where drivers are in demand as this will increase your chances of getting a job in a province in Canada and also getting nominated to get permanent residence in Canada.

The PNPs for the provinces where drivers are in demand are:

  • Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP
  • Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP)

General Eligibility Criteria

Although each of the participating provinces that have PNPs have their requirements that you must meet for you to be eligible to immigrate and work in the province, there are still some general eligibility criteria that everyone must meet to immigrate to Canada regardless of the province you want to work in.

This list of criteria includes:

  • Age
  • Level of education
  • Occupation
  • Level of experience in your designated profession
  • Language proficiency in both English and French
  • How you will adapt to life in Canada after immigration.

Final Note

You can see that it is quite easy to immigrate and work in Canada as a plumber. We have shown you the best immigration programs through which you can immigrate to Canada and mind you these immigration programs also offer permanent residence in Canada.

You can decide to make use of a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) as they know everything about the Canadian immigration and will help you with your application process.