Relocate To Canada From Nigeria This Year [APPLY NOW]
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Relocate To Canada From Nigeria This Year [APPLY NOW]

Nigerian immigration to Canada more than tripled in the five years before COVID-19. A new study shows that this “Canada Rush” was caused by a desire for a better future. The Africa Polling Institute (API) said in a study called “Deconstructing the Canada Rush: A Study on Motivations for Nigerians Emigrating to Canada” that Nigeria’s weak economy, increased insecurity, and what people think is a bad job by the government are pushing people to leave.

The report says that the number of Nigerians who want to move to Canada has kept going up over the past few years. “Canadian immigration policies have also made the country more appealing to many Nigerians in the last few years, especially when compared to the United Kingdom, with its impending pre- and post-Brexit effects, and the United States, with its strict immigration policies.”

Why You Should Immigrate To Canada From Nigeria

1. Need For Immigrants

Canada has a huge amount of land, almost 10 times as much as Nigeria, but only a small number of people fill it. Canada’s land area is estimated to be 9.98 million km2, while Nigeria’s is only 923,768 km2. Also, the World Bank says that Canada has a population of 38,01 million, while Nigeria has a population of 206.1 million, which is more than 5 times that of Canada. Canada is willing to let people move there because it has a lot of lands and a relatively small population. This will help the economy grow. Because of this, it has taken in people from all over the world and is ready to take in 411,000 and 421,000 people in 2022 and 2023.


Canada’s plan for immigration levels says that the country wants to accept more than 1.2 million new immigrants from different classes in the next three years. In particular, the invitations will account for economic class, family status, refugee status, and humanitarian status. Also, Canada’s unemployment rate decreased from 6 percent the month before to 5.9 percent in December 2021. This was because Canada added 55,000 jobs in December. Also, the unemployment rate in Nigeria is still expected to be 33.3% in December 2020.

The Canadian government just said that it would hire students to do some jobs, especially jobs that are far away. The government says it wants to hire students who want to make a few extra bucks by working from home. He also said, “From coast to coast, we have many jobs in fields like administration, agriculture, communications, law enforcement, finance, IT, policy, and many others.”


2. Economy At Below Desirable Level

Nigeria has the biggest economy on the African continent, with a GDP expected to reach $432.29 billion in 2020. South Africa and Egypt are the next two biggest economies on the continent. Nigeria has more than 206 million people, but its GDP per person is estimated to be $2,097, making it the seventeenth largest country in Africa.

Even though Nigeria has a lot of people, it wasn’t able to show impressive growth in its GDP. Canada’s GDP was estimated to be $1.64 trillion, almost four times as much as Nigeria’s. Despite Nigeria’s economic problems, banditry, insurgency, and other problems, some Nigerians still get expensive FX to pay for education abroad.

Nigerians spent $28 billion on foreign schools over ten years. This is because of problems with infrastructure in the Nigerian education system, frequent strikes, and many other problems in the Nigerian education system.

3. Economic Programs Attract Three-Quarters of Nigerians

Even after the first wave of COVID-19 hit at the beginning of 2020 and cut immigration from Nigeria by 41.3%, these economic programs continued to be the main way Nigerians became new permanent residents in Canada. The AFI report says that the top five reasons Nigerians want to move to Canada are the desire for better job opportunities (75%), increased insecurity and violence (60%), the desire to give their children a better future (55%), the passion for more education (40%) and what they see as poor governance in Nigeria (35%).

But while Nigerians may like the economic opportunities Canada offers, many of them don’t care much for the bitterly cold winters of The Great White North. The temperature can reach 40 degrees Celsius on a winter day in Nigeria. This is a long way from White River, Ontario, where temperatures can drop to 58 degrees below zero. Unsurprisingly, only 1% of Nigerians said they wanted to come to Canada because of the weather. Twelve percent of Nigerians moved to Canada for better business opportunities, and three percent came to be with family.


4. Canada Is Welcoming New Immigrants

Many Nigerians chose to move to Canada because of its immigration policies and how Canadians treat people from other countries and cultures. “Most actual and potential migrants believe that Canada offers a good quality of life and good health care services (78%); that Canada is a very safe country to live in (74%); that human rights and dignity are respected (73%); and that Nigerians and other immigrants can easily integrate into society (71%),” the report’s authors write.

“To back up this point, almost six in ten actual migrants (59%) said that, looking back, they think their choice to move to Canada was a good one.” In order to get the information they needed for their report, researchers sometimes pretended to be potential migrants on the messaging apps WhatsApp and Telegram. This allowed them to join groups of potential migrants, post survey links, and encourage others to fill out their questionnaires.

The AFI report says, “Given how hard it is to find potential or actual migrants, a convenience sampling method was used to find and snowball off personal contacts who are currently thinking about moving and those who have already moved.”

5. Nigeria Bemoans Loss Of Its Best And Brightest

Nigeria loses some of its best and brightest because of Canada’s immigration policies, which means the African country loses talent overall. Nigerians come to Canada because of the Post-Graduate Work Permit programs and the international Study Visa programs. Then, they stay and become permanent residents. The authors of the African study say, “Nigeria is losing several generations of well-educated students and skilled workers all at once.” They conclude that Nigeria needs to do more to stop its best people from going to Canada.

The report says, “There is every reason to strengthen the current policies that encourage economic growth and development in the country.” This will make it more appealing to stay in Nigeria. “At the very least, the government needs to put more money into basic infrastructure and do more to fight corruption. Also, the country can set itself up to take better advantage of its many young people and become a center for developing technology, industry, and people.

6. Favorable Inflationary Numbers

Countries worldwide are facing record-high inflation rates, caused mainly by rising crude oil prices, demand for consumer goods, problems in the supply chain, and several stimulus packages from central banks in different countries. In the same way, Nigeria’s consumer price index went up by 15.4% in November 2021, which was the lowest increase in a year. This was down from the previous month when it went up by 15.99%. Statistics Canada said that in November 2021, Canada’s inflation rate jumped to 4.7%, the highest it had been in 18 years.

When the numbers for Canada are compared to those for Nigeria, they are 10.7 percentage points lower. This shows that prices in the two countries change in very different ways. For more information, the United States of America also saw a big jump to 7 percent in December 2021. This was because the prices of goods and services in the country went up. This is the highest inflation rate for the world’s biggest economy in almost 40 years, but it is still low compared to Nigeria, where inflation is 15.4%.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do People Relocate From Nigeria?

Most people who want to move have good reasons for wanting to do so. Some are going for business reasons, some are going for school, some are looking for jobs, and some want to get away from the hassles and stress of home to live a better life.

Is It Easy To Get A Job In Canada From Nigeria?

It might seem hard to apply for jobs in Canada if you live in Nigeria. It’s not easy, but you must keep applying for jobs until you get one. You don’t have to pay for a ticket to Canada as a tourist before you can get a job there.

Why Are Africans Moving To Canada?

Some are attracted by chance to make more money, while a spouse or partner sends others. Many Africans come to Canada temporarily to work or study.

Is Relocating To Canada From Nigeria Worth It?

Many Nigerians find that moving to Canada gives them a lot of chances that they don’t have in their home country. Canada is a top choice for Nigerian immigrants because it has a stable government, a strong economy, and schools known worldwide.

Is Canada Looking For Immigrants?

Canada wants to welcome more than 430,000 new immigrants every year, which is the most it has ever done. Canada’s goals for immigration are to help the economy, bring families back together, and help refugees.



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