7 Easy Ways To Immigrate To Canada From Any Country

Canada is one of the best countries to immigrate to presently and this is why a lot of foreign nationals have chosen it as their top destination in recent years.

The country offers better quality of life, lots of job opportunities with attractive salaries, healthcare services, top education and security and so it is no surprise why people are moving to Canada in large numbers.


Canada has one of the most relaxed immigration policies as the country believes that immigrants are pivotal for the growth and development of the country and so it opens its arms wide to welcome immigrants every year.

In 2021, it broke an immigration record by welcoming about 405,000 immigrants to the country and in this year, it will be welcoming over 432,000 immigrants to the country. all these are to help fill up the labour shortages in the country.

In this article, we are going to show you how you can immigrate to Canada. We will be revealing the simplest ways that you can easily immigrate to Canada; so make sure you follow up the article till the end.

  • Immigrate to Canada through work permit

If you want to legally work in Canada as a foreign worker, you will have to get a work permit. It could be an open work permit or an employer-specific work permit.

The open work permit allows you to work for any employer in Canada, any province and any job position in Canada.

The employer-specific work permit restricts you to working for a particular employer in Canada and also in a job position. For this type of work permit, you will need a copy of LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment).

The LMIA is a document that is issued to an employer by the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) to show that there is no Canada citizen or permanent resident available to fill up a job position and so there is a need for the employer to hire a foreign worker.

If you can’t go through this option, you can go through the Federal Skilled Worker Program which permits jobs such as sales managers, editors, and administrative assistants to immigrate to Canada.

  • Immigrate To Canada Through Study Permit

Canada is home for some of the best universities in the world and so it is a great destination for international students. You can actually use this medium to immigrate to Canada. For you to study in Canada, you must have a study visa and permit.


The study visa allows you to enter Canada while the study permit allows you to study in Canada and the permit can also help you find work while you study in Canada.

If you work in Canada while studying, you could stand a chance of getting permanent residence in Canada after you must have completed your study program or even apply for the Post-Graduate Work Permit Program (PGWPP).

  • Immigrate to Canada through Trade Agreement

If you work for a company which has a branch in Canada, you can request to be moved to the branch in Canada.  This is called intra-company transfer. You will be permitted under trade agreements between Canada and about 30 countries.

These countries are: Columbia, Jordan, Peru, Chile, Switzerland, Mexico, the United States of America, Costa Rica, Norway, Iceland, Israel and Panama.

After working for 132 months in Canada, you can apply for permanent residence in Canada.

  • Immigrate to Canada through the International Experience Canada (IEC)

This program gives young people the chance to travel and work in Canada. You can get an open work permit through this program and you must be a young individual between the ages of 18 and 35 years as you will be allowed to work in Canada throughout your holidays.

These are some things to note about this program; you can go through the program if:

  • You have not received a job offer
  • You’d want to work for more than one company in Canada
  • You want to be able to work at more than one location.

You can apply for permanent residency in Canada from the experience you got from the Working Holiday program as you could apply for the Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Trades Program or specific province skilled worker or semi-skilled worker streams.

  • Immigrate to Canada through spousal sponsorship

If you marry someone who has Canadian citizenship or is a permanent resident of Canada, you can also immigrate to Canada. A lot of individuals have taken advantage of this opportunity but there are consequences if you are not genuine.

Before they can approve the legitimacy of your marriage, the Canadian immigration office will watch you and your spouse for two years.


You can come to Canada on a tourist visa, marry there and then apply for inland sponsorship.

  • Immigrate to Canada through visitor visa

You can visit Canada through the visitor visa and even if you can’t find work with this visa, you will be able to network and speak with some people in your career field.

With the Visitor visa, you get to meet people, have fun and enjoy your time in Canada even while networking and connecting with individuals who can give you a job to help you come to Canada.

  • Immigrate to Canada through launching a business

You can come to Canada through establishing a business and this is a very easy pathway to come to Canada as Canada is looking for entrepreneurs to help build companies that will employ Canada citizens and permanent residents and also contribute to the growth and development of the country.

If you can start a business in Canada, you can go through this means to immigrate to Canada as your application will be considered. Canada is a wonderful place to situate your business as it has a large market for many products and it is a very good business-friendly environment.

You can apply for the Start-up visa or any specific province business stream.