La Buena Vida: All You Need To Know About The Business

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La Buena Vida which simply means living the good life is a nongovernmental initiative. It is a multi-level marketing company that is in Nigeria since the year 2016.

Multi-level marketing involves selling products to friends and families.

Additionally, it also involves recruiting other people to do the same.

It claims to be a global partner in the health, construction, lifestyle, and beauty industries.


Additionally, they also claim to enable qualified individuals:

  • Access to discounted and free lifestyle packages.
  • Effective health maintenance packages.
  • Own your dream home through their E-block channels
  • Exquisite vacations across choice locations globally.
  • Cash compounding policies to generate funds for business projects.

The main aim of La Buena Vida is to attract people who are willing to develop their human and capital resources to join.


How does La Buena Vida make their money?

You make money by recruiting other people to join the project.

That is, the more people you can convince to register and join, the more money you make.

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Furthermore, they have a wide range of compensation plans for their leaders and top affiliates. These compensations include car gifts, housing compensation, and vacations.


How do you join La Buena Vida?

If you have interest in joining La Buena Vida you can pay a visit to their office.

Their office is located at Bahamas plaza in Gudu in Abuja, Nigerian.

Alternatively, you can join through their partners and affiliates who will take the responsibility of guiding you throughout the program.

Note: Before joining please check your capabilities. It is a core marketing business and getting new recruiters may be difficult. But that is the only way you can earn.

You earn by registering others people under you.


Is it possible to earn on the platform?

Like we have said before, it is possible to earn on the platform. But how much you earn depends on you.

La Buena Vida employs the MLM scheme that only works when you have enough people on your downlines.

Downlines are people registered under you.

Note: Every member you register under you, would have to pay a certain amount.


La Buena Vida is it a Scam or a Legit business?

La Buena Vida from all indications may or may not be a scam. It all depends on you.

But personally, the information on their website is ambiguous,  and I feel any business you have to pay before getting paid is shaky at best.


La Buena Vida registration packages:

If you want to join the project, you need to purchase their packages.

They have got three packages namely:

1. Starter package: the starter package cost #44,888

2. The international package: the international package cost # 314,216.

3.entrepreneur package: the entrepreneurship package cost # 134,664.

In conclusion before investing in the business consider the risks involved. I will not invest in a business I have no ample knowledge of.

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