Migo Loan: How To Get A Loan From Migo (Kwikmoney)

Migo loan

Migo Loan: How To Get A Loan From Migo (Kwikmoney)

What is Migo?

Migo is a company involved in loaning money to people for them to meet up their immediate needs.

Our needs and wants have always surpassed the available resource needed to sort them out. This is where Migo comes in, as they provide you with funds for you to carry out your needs.

Migo is a cloud-based platform, it deals with merchants, operators of telecommunication merchants.

Furthermore, migo enables companies to provide credits to companies to help them sort out their traditional banking & card payment system.

Additionally, Migo makes prosperity available to all.

How to Get a Loan From Migo

If you are not using an android phone and you want to access the Migo loan, start by sailing:


Secondly, select loan, then select request loan, when you get a loan offer, accept and type in your account details to get credited.

To get a loan from the Migo site follow the steps we will be outlining below:

  • Go to their website www.my.migo.login
  • Input your phone number, after that, you will be sent a verification code, input the code to verify that you own the phone number.
  • Select check loan offer to see the loan available to you, this depends on your credit balance, they will start with you with as #500, upward.
  • Provide your account number, bank name, account type either savings or current then click next.
  • Then set up a payment account by registering a debit card for easy repayment. You will do this by inputting your card number, expiration date, your CVV, then your pin.
  • Get your loan, this normally will arrive within a few minutes of registration.

Migo Terms and Conditions

Before you collect a loan you need to get familiar with its terms and conditions so you don’t default.

Some of the terms and conditions include:

1. Payback loan before the due date, contact them if you are unable to pay before the due date.

2. They will send everyone on your contact list messages if you default to pay.

3. If you pay late, there is additional charges you will need to pay back

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4. They will use your data to determine the type of loan you will be given.

Loan Eligibility:

To be able to access the loan you must be :

  • Bvn
  • Bank account
  • Must be 18years and above
  • An active phone number
  • Have an active account.

Migo Interest rate:

Migo interest rate depends on your data, it can either be lower or higher, but normally it’s between the range of 10% to 25%.

How much loan to get:

With a Migo loan, the least amount you can get is #500, and the highest amount you can get is #500,000. You will be able to access higher loans after paying the initial loan balance.

Loan Repayment:

It is expected to repay the loan from the 14th to the 30th day after the loan has been given.

The loan repayment process is quite easy, you can either visit their site to repay the loan or better still daily *561# and follow the onscreen instruction.

Migo contact Address:

3B Adekunle Lawal Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria is where their head office is located.

Migo Customer support email is [email protected] and their website is www. migo.money

+23417002274 is the Migo customer care number.


In conclusion, if you want instant cash to sort out some of your bills then a Migo loan is the way to go.