PalmPay: How To Use And Make Money On It

PalmPay: How To Use And Make Money On It. With palmpay, you can carry out transactions such as purchasing airtime, bills payment, deposits, bank transfers e.t.c.

With Palmpay you can also get to save a lot of money just by using the application.

How to use PalmPay

As you all know, Palmpay is a mobile phone users’ payment platform.

Asides from providing the platform for you to make transactions, it also offers rewards for using the application.

To get started with Palmpay you need to first:

  • Head to Google play store to download the PalmPay application.
  • Click on the signup button after opening the application.
  • Input your details and then signup.

Uses of PalmPay

You can use PalmPay for anything that have to do with payments, some other use of the palmpay application are listed below:

1. Receiving and making payments.

2. Payments of all utility bills such as DSTV/GoTv subscriptions, Electricity bills, and whatnot.

3. Sending and receiving money.

4. Purchasing of data and airtime at a discounted price.

How To Make Money on Palmpay

There are several ways you can make money using the Palpay application. Listed below are some of the ways.

1. Referral:

You can make money using Referrals. After signing up on the application you get a unique referral code. Whenever a new user signs up using your referral code the new user earns #100, while you earn #300, cool right?. The money is paid in the form of palmpoints.

2. Play the lucky game:

Another way you can make money from palmpay is by playing the lucky game.

The game can only be played once after every transaction. It is a gas of chance and luck.

It allows you to win different cash prizes so what you win is what you get.

3. Cashback:

You get cash back for every transaction you will carry out on the application.

This cashback is paid in the form of Palm Points. And these points can also be used to perform other transactions within the application.

4. Join PalmForce:

When you have invited up to 5 people successfully, then you become eligible to join the PalmForce.

It is beneficial to become a member of the palm force as it comes with many benefits, although it is not compulsory.

One of the benefits of joining the palm force is that you get to earn real money instead of Palm Points.

Additionally, when your referrals make transactions, you earn from their transactions. You earn without doing anything down to even the third layer. The third layer simply means those you referred will refer to other people that refer others.

To join palm force simply:

a. Ensure you invite up to 5 users.

b. Click on the menu on the top left corner of the screen after opening the palmpay application.

c. Third, select invitation then click on join palm force.

Palm points:

Within the PalmPay app, Palm Points are a form of currency. 1PalmPoint equals 1 Naira. PalmPoints can be used to slash a transaction up to 50%. Note: they are only used within the application. And they cannot be used alone.

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For instance, if you want to purchase data of #1000 and you have palm points of a #500, you can just pay #500 for the data. As 500 Palm Points stands for #500.

Redeming palmpoints:

As you know with Palm Points you can have  50% discounts on PalmPay. PalmPoints is meant to be used with real money.

To redeem your palm Points:

1. Open the PalmPay application and click on transactions such as airtime.

2. Select the amount, at checkout click on points to use.

3. Doing so, your payment will be slashed up to 50%.

Funding Your PalmPay

You can Fund your PayPal account in several ways, either through a bank transfer or using a debit card.

Funding your PalmPay account Using Bank Transfer:

You do know that if you are to make a bank transfer you will need the designation’s Account number and bank Name.

But with the PalmPay, your phone number will serve as the account number. For the bank name select mobile money from the options and then chose PalmPay.

Enter the Amount you want to transfer and click on send. The amount will reflect in your wallet almost immediately.

Funding your PalmPay account Using Debit Card:

First, this is done by opening the PalmPay application.

Second, you click on fund, this is found on the home screen.

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Third, choose a payment method and click on the fund. If done correctly, the fund will reflect immediately in your wallet.


In conclusion, you can learn real money using your PalmPay application. Choose the option that you think works best for you from the listed options above.

If you have got any questions regarding this article, do not hesitate to let us know.