Top 20 Self-Employed Jobs You Can Start Today

Top 20 Self-Employed Jobs You Can Start Today

Top 20 self-employed jobs you can do today.

In this technological world, there are a lot of jobs you can do when you have got skills.

The only thing required from you is to get the technical know-how of such a job and you can be self-employed.

Not everybody likes working under someone, if you are in such a category then this article is for you.

Top 20 self-employed jobs you can do today.

1. Become a home caregiver for the elderly:

The home for the elderly is a growing industry in today’s world. As people tend to grow older, they do not want to be alone. They would need somebody to be able to help them move around and about.

So if you have got a flair for taking care of the elderly. Then you can start up this job. You can either be a senior care consultant or an elder caregiver.

2. Social media consultant:

If you have a system and you are always online, being a social media consultant might be right for you.

All you need is just a love of talking to people, using social media platforms.

Start by doing a nonprofit job in your area, or do it at a discounted offer to build your business portfolio.

3. Project management service:

As a project manager, you can work with all types of companies. Your job description is to just help companies manage their project. Get the project done within the allocated time and budget.

Most companies are unable to afford a project manager and this is when your services are needed.

4. Become a Phone Technician:

Some people cannot afford the luxury of buying a new phone when their phone develops faults.

If you have the talent for fixing things most especially gadgets, this is the perfect business opportunity for you.

5. Professional Resume Writing Services:

Not everybody can draft a professional resume that can land a job.

With job scarcity and so many people competing for jobs, most people can’t afford to have a messed-up resume.

If you can offer a service that can make job seekers resume stands out amongst the numerous ones submitted. Then you obviously can build a thriving business doing professional resume service for others.

6. Open a job-hunting service:

You can become the middle man between employers, companies, industries, and those seeking jobs. Many such services are springing up today and they are making a lot of money.

All you need do is register a business name, speak to organizations and businesses. Then run adverts for job seekers to locate you then they pay a fee while you connect them to employers.

7. Freelance writings:

If you have the love to write, you can consider becoming a freelance writer. There is a lot of job opening-up for writers with more and more companies needing content marketing.

You can get started by writing blog posts, reports, or short e-books.

8. Designing:

No matter the type of design you are into, some companies will need your services.

All you need do is to have referrals and portfolios of jobs you have done before. Get freelance jobs and have a client base.

You can even go as far as creating templates that you can sell on Etsy.

9. Start an e-commerce business:

Having a business online will give you a far more customer base than you are normally to have.

All you just need to do is to post about your business regularly on social media platforms like WhatsApp status and Facebook.

10. Consultancy:

If you are knowledgeable in a specific field, you can be a consultant. Your job is to help people do theirs more efficiently and faster.

11. Event planner:

If you love to organize occasions and events then this job is for you.

If you want things to always be orderly and flow well, you can start your event planning business.

Most people cannot plan elaborate parties or wedding ceremonies, that’s where you come in. To stand out, pick a particular niche and focus your energy on it.

12. Catering/Baking:

You can start your restaurant or a baking shop if you have got a love for cooking. Or a sweet tooth.

13. Homemade beauty products:

You can make beauty products, like natural soaps and creams, and start selling.

You can even end up supplying to shops and supermarkets.

14. Pet walking/grooming:

You can start a pet walking/grooming business if you love to hang out with pets.

Most people do not have the time in doing these things for their pets. So you come up with the service and you get paid for doing it.

15. Become a language translator:

Many companies need translators. So if you know either more than one language then you can start up this business.

16. Freelance photographer:

You can start up your own photography business. Meet up with clients, take pictures of them for birthdays or remembrance services.

There are different areas in photography like travel photography, food, co-operate photography e.t.c.

17. Personal Trainer:

Health is wealth and also a priority.

Losing weight is a top concern to many people, as well as staying fit.

To become an expert in this field, you will need to focus your attention on a specific niche.

18. Blogging:

You can start up a blog yourself and do the writing.

If you have got love for writings and you do not want to become a freelancer, then do blogging.

There are so many times of blogging you can get into depends on your interests.

We have finance blogs, lifestyle blogs, travel blogs, and so on.

19. Computer Tutor:

With the way the world has become a global village, you need someone to tutor you on how to go with the flow.

The constant flow of new technologies and products will only make things worse and make you feel out of the loop.

You can make money by tutoring people on how to use these new products if only you have the patience to do It.

20. Affiliate marketing:

You can start your own business as an affiliate marketer by advertising people’s products. For every sale, you make your commission out of it.

Well, there are all of the top 20 self-employed jobs you can start today.