Trusted Piggyvest Alternatives For Investing

Trusted Piggyvest Alternatives For Investing – A lot of us know about Piggyvest and so it is not new as it is an online saving platform where you can save and invest your money easily and at your own convenience.

The platform has given a lot of Nigerians the need and reason to save and invest their money for future use and the security of this platform is top notch.

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A lot of Nigerians are scared of technology and the risk of keeping money on online platforms because of the fear of the system being hacked but with Piggyvest, there is nothing to be scared about like we have mentioned that the platform is much secured.

The platform has a 256 bits of SSL security encryption and with this, your personal information, bank data and money is 100% secure from being hacked or fraud.

All these has made a lot of people trust Piggyvest without any doubt but do you know that there are some other platforms like Piggyvest that offer the same or more than what Piggyvest gives and that is what we will be showing you here.

This article is going to give you details about other trusted saving and investment platforms to put your money.

Without further ado, let’s proceed…

List of Trusted Piggyvest Alternatives For Investing

  • Alat by Wema

This is a very good alternative for Piggyvest as it is an online banking platform that allows you to save and invest your money with higher returns on savings and investment.

You can also take loans and also plan how you want to spend your money and how you want to save too.

You will have to open an account with Alat but you shouldn’t fret as this is quite easy all you need is your mobile phone or computer, your BVN and your phone number.

There is no paperwork involved so you shouldn’t worry about that and you can start and complete the entire process online.

You could get about 10% interest on your saving annually if you save for a long time and you can also get instant loan to meet up with emergency easily.

  • Cowrywise

If you are looking for something very similar to Piggyvest, then here you have it. It has almost the same function as piggy vest and it is a good alternative as it has a solid blueprint that allows you to plan, save and invest your money.

This online platform will help you gain financial freedom if you follow the three steps outlined by Cowrywise. These steps are: plan your future ahead, save money without looking back and thirdly invest your money to get higher returns and the sweet thing is that you can do all these for free. Isn’t it great?

You can get the Cowrywise app on Apple Store for iPhone users and for the Android users, you can get it on Google Play Store so you see that you can save and invest at your convenience.

You will have to create an account first for you to start saving and then you will have to add your payment method that is convenient for you (debit card, bank account etc.) to set up your plan and then you can proceed to investing money into any of the Cowrywise investment plans and watch to get your return on investment (ROI).

It is highly secure just like Piggyvest and so you shouldn’t fret about security breach or fraud as your information and money are in safe hands.

  • Invest Bamboo

If you are looking for an international banking platform that has almost similar function as Piggyvest, then this is one app you can try. This international banking platform allows you as a Nigerian to buy stocks and shares.

You will have to sign up for you to start investing in Bamboo and you will have to provide relevant information during your signing in process like your full name, date of birth, email address, country, BVN and gender.

After providing this information, you will then proceed to saving and investing on Bamboo

  • Crowdy Vest by Farm Crowdy

Farm Crowdy is an agricultural investment scheme and it has introduced the Crowdy Vest which is an online platform where you can save and invest your money in agriculture with the hope of getting high returns on investment (ROI).

You can contribute to funding of startups and also sponsor agricultural projects in Nigeria and also across Africa.

You can start by downloading the Crowdy Vest app on Google Play Store for Android users and Apple Store for iPhone users and you are off to growing your money and gaining financial freedom.

  • Risevest

If you are looking to connect to international investments and earn dollars as return on your investment, then this is a great platform to consider as you can use it no matter the country you come from.

You can start investing with as low as $10 and scale up with time. So you can start by downloading the app on either Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Final Note

We are not disputing the fact that Piggyvest is a great online saving and investment platform but you can also consider these wonderful investment platforms we have talked about in this article as they have their own unique features and benefits.

We have shown you some features about them and so you can go on to download them and see some other features as them might also make you want to try them out.