How To Track Western Union Money Transfer; MTCN Tracking

How To Track Western Union Money Transfer With & Without MTCN

Complete Tutorial On Western Union Tracking  With MTCN And Without MTCN.


Western Union Tracking is a unique way to know the destination or way about of your Western Union Money Transfer as a sender or receiver. It can be done through Money Transfer Control Number, MTCN Tracking or with names or phone number.

Western Union Money Transfer is one of the best and easiest ways to send and receive money. Many people are using Western Union also to pay bills, rent etc.

When you WU either sending or receiving money, there is an opportunity to track your fund yourself.

There are four (4) ways you can use to track Western Union Money Transfer.

  1. Track your transaction online
  2. Track your transaction on Mobile App
  3. Track your transaction through Agent
  4. Track your transfer through phone call


1. How To Track Western Union Transfer Online

WU online tracking is one of best and easiest way to track your transfer. Follow the steps below make it done quickly and easily.

  • Log on to Western Union Tracking page
  • Enter your MTCN (assigned code for the transaction) and click on ‘Continue’ button
  • Fill out required personal information.
  • You will need to create account or log in to see the entire information about your transaction.

How To Track Western Union Transfer Online With MTCN


2. How To Track Western Union Transfer Through Mobile App

Firstly, you will need to download Western Union Mobile App to your Smartphone (Android, iPhone or Tablet). If you area. Android user then you can simply download the App straight from Playstore. iPhone users will also get it on Apple store.

Alternatively, all Smartphone users can easily download the fit App from this page Western Union website. Just open the Application after a successful download, enter your MTCN and you are good to go.


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3. How To Track Western Union Transfer Through Agent

This tracking method allow you to meet one of their agents one by one and track it for you. You will need to visit a Western Union location near you and to know the nearest Agent near you;

Just go to customer service page on Western Union site then go down and on click on “Find Your Nearest Agent” box. You will be asked to enter your location details like Country, City, Zip code etc.

Look for the nearest Agent and go to their office with your MTCN.

4. How To Track Western Union Transfer Through Phone Call

The forth way to for Western Union Tracking is through phone call. You can call their Customer Service direct to track your transaction either you are a sender or receiver.

Just call 1-800-325-6000 on Mobile Phone and one of their representative will attend to you immediately and you will need present some information like MTCN or Sender’s name.


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How To Track Western Union Transfer Without MTCN

Some people may be thinking they’ve dramatically lost their money if they lost MTCN and the answer to this is big NO. You can easily track your money without MTCN.

Though, Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) is a 10-digit-number mainly to track transferred money through Western Union or other Fund transfer companies.

Meanwhile, this tracking code can be forgotten or even lost anyway. If any of these happened, your money is safe and you can use names of Sender’s phone number to track and claim your money.

Follow the steps below for Western Union Tracking without MTCN.

  • Log on to Western Union Transfer page
  • Click on “Don’t Know The MTCN” button below MTCN box and ‘Continue’ button.
  • Select whether you are receiver or sender
  • Choose ‘Sender’s phone number’ as the option
  • Fill up other necessary personal details and click continue.

How To Track Western Union Transfer Online Without MTCN


Furthermore, you can also track with Sender’s names. To track your transfer with names, just follow the steps above and names in option list instead of phone number.


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