Best lucrative businesses in Nigeria (2021)

Best lucrative businesses in Nigeria is one of the utmost dreams of a common Nigerian man.

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Additionally, one of the sure ways to earn an income is to start your own business.

Reasons why you should

have a business

Different people have different reasons why they decided to venture into business. If you are one of the persons wondering why you should be in one.

Listed below are some of the reasons why you should have your own business

First, freedom comes with having your own business. You get to have control over your life, directing it in ways that please you.

Having your own business gives you autonomy.

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Second, you will have a sense of accomplishment no matter how little it is.

Third, things you find out that people are doing wrongly in business, you will have the opportunity to make it right.

Fourth, you will earn an income from having your own business.

In addition, to earning an income, you will also learn new skills. If you want to stay relevant in things you do, then learning is the way to go.

Fifth, you can be a source of employment, by having your own business, you can create jobs for others.

Finally, a business can be a fantastic source of meaning in your life.

Best lucrative businesses in Nigeria 2021.

1. Information marketing:

Information marketing is another very lucrative business for you to get involved in.

Build a social media presence, get followers, build your email list, and start making money by selling information.

People will pay any amount you charge them for the right information that will be valuable to them.

2. Uber/Taxify:

Operating Uber/Taxify is one of the best lucrative businesses in Nigeria this year.

You can earn over #35,000 working for any of the above-listed platforms as a driver.

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This business is not free of risk, but if precautions are taken and it’s done diligently, you will be making a lot of cash. And the good news is you can do it in your own leisure time. You can even register your vehicle on these platforms if you are not interested in doing the driving work yourself.

3. Exportation of Agricultural Produce: pictures of women

Nigeria is a land blessed with Agricultural produce, which when bought at a cheaper price can be sold off outside the country for hundreds of dollars.

4. Owning a pos shop:

It is a booming business in Nigeria at this time because it affords the customers ease of transaction. Instead of going to the bank to join long queues before you are attended to, all you just have to do is pay these service providers just a token and you can have your transactions done. Either deposits or withdrawals.

5. Sales of solar equipment:

When it comes to having light in Nigeria, it is nothing to write home about. With the high rise of fuel prices too, it has become glaringly clear that having solar is the best way to go.

So for those selling this solar equipment, they will be providing a very much-needed service, with the way demands keep growing for the purchase of inverters, solar installation is the business to be doing now.

6. Real Estate Business:

Do you have the flair for talking? Do you have what it takes to convince people? If yes is the answer to the above questions, then congratulations you will make it in the real estate business.

All you just have to do is register with a real estate company as a freelancer and market their product using any platform of your choice, ranging from Facebook to Instagram, you can even use the words of your mouth. And for every property bought from you, you get paid a commission, easy peasy right?.

8. Haircutting/making business

If you have got the skills as a hairdresser or a barber, people will naturally flock to your shop if you are good at shat you do.

As the popular saying goes “Looking good is good business”. All you just need to do is to get a decent shop, keep updated with trendy styles and you are good to go.

9. Importation business

Nigerians, in general, have a flair for buying things that on a normal basis they won’t purchase if they hear it’s imported, voila that’s the magic word they need to hear before rushing in droves to buy.

You can start this business by ordering goods from Chinese manufacturing wholesale sites like, and then sell here in Nigeria. It can be done on a small or even large scale. The only thing needed is your determination to succeed.

10. Blogging

Yes, you heard me, blogging is the next best thing, that is if you have got love for writing, even if you don’t, you can always hire a freelancer to do the writings for you.

Blogging can generate a consistent income for you over a long period, though it needs hard work and dedication to succeed.

If your motive in having a blog is to supply answers to people’s problems or to add value to them then the sky can only be your starting point, as people will always pay for whatever adds value to them.