Best Websites To Find Canada Jobs

In 2022, job search websites will be one of the most popular places for job searchers to find openings. Several online job boards are available, in addition to applications, aggregators, search engines, social media platforms, networking organizations, and firm websites. The good thing is that they provide several listings, and in this guide, we will be covering the best websites to find Canada jobs.

Best Websites To Find Canada Jobs


Indeed is a platform that is used by tens of thousands of companies all over the world to find new employees. It can be accessed in more than 60 countries and 28 languages. On the other hand, thousands of people looking for work use it. The platform is easy to understand and use. You can not only look for jobs on Indeed, but you can also apply for them there. Narrow your search to a specific area, choose only to see jobs you can do from home and type in the salary you want. You can also sort job postings by when they were posted, so you don’t see old ones.

The “Indeed CV” feature is one of the best ways to use this platform. When you apply for a job through the platform, you can choose to upload a resume, make one on the platform, or send both. Some companies will also ask you questions about your experience on the platform. For example, “Do you speak English well?” or “How long have you been in sales?” Employers can narrow down their choices with this feature.

There are 474,845 jobs open in Canada right now. Indeed, you can read detailed job descriptions from many different companies. Find jobs for writers, plumbers, people who work in construction, registered nurses, and people who work in retail or sales.

2. Glassdoor

In order to provide honest employer ratings and wage transparency to millions of existing and potential workers, Glassdoor was founded in 2008. Create a profile, submit your resume, and sign up for email notifications to get categorized lists of employment possibilities to start your search on Glassdoor.

You may also explore the current listings using the search box on the website. You may find information about the position and how to apply, a business description, anonymous ratings, CEO reviews, and pay and benefit details on each job posting.

3. LinkedIn

This top networking site helps you to locate employment not just via direct employer advertisements but also through interactions with your extended network. Your profile functions as your résumé. You can quickly access and share career-related material, go deep into thought leadership postings from renowned individuals in your sector, and request or offer recommendations.

Additionally, industry groups enable you to join in professional conversations and follow organizations you find intriguing – and relevant to your job hunt. Premium features provide more extensive search tools and services. Choose from the 95,707 job opportunities in Toronto, 66,385 in Montreal, 48,261 in Vancouver, and thousands more all over Canada.

4. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder is one of the biggest and best websites to find Canada jobs. This portal helps job searchers across the globe, including Canada. It makes it simple to narrow your search depending on various parameters, from location and job title to pay and work type (part-time, full-time, seasonal, etc.). (part-time, full-time, seasonal, etc.).

CareerBuilder Canada harnesses the power of Google AI to help job searchers connect with the greatest prospects. Like GrabJobs, the portal provides several tools for people trying to extend their job search or develop their abilities.

5. ZipRecruiter

There are many jobs in Canada, but you may not be suited to the 9–5 workday that most Canadians follow. ZipRecruiter is the website for you if you’re searching for a freelance, casual, or part-time job. Although not exclusive to ZipRecruiter, this platform is renowned for being flexible. Working remotely was quite advantageous, especially during the epidemic.

Create a profile outlining your qualifications, objectives, and experience to start. Increase your chances of being recruited by utilizing this platform by demonstrating your talents using the verified skills feature.

You will be assigned an AI personal recruiter who will assist you with creating your profile, submitting your application for employment, and sending you alerts and reminders. The developers developed a machine learning technique to increase the accuracy of the job seeker/employer matches. You may increase your chances of being employed by following the advice Phil, the company’s AI will provide you.

Additionally, their site provides advice on writing job recommendation letters and clarifies other letters, such as resignation and notice. Two hundred fifty thousand three hundred eighty-seven jobs are available on the marketplace, ranging from warehouse employees to online research assistants.

6. JobBank

Because of its connection to the government, it is one of the most frequently utilized Canadian employment sites. You may use its straightforward option to search by location and profession. You may use the Browse or Advance buttons to do a targeted search.

This platform has about 108,573 posts advertised. However, particularly if you’re looking for work from abroad, its interactive map function makes comprehending the actual geographic location of where you’re looking for a job much simpler.

This platform’s main advantage is that it enables you to compare data on the labor market for a certain profession. For instance, on a page about a butcher who works in a grocery shop, you may click on a tab to see the median salary, study the profession, and see the job’s National Occupation Classification (NOC) in plain sight. Knowing the job description can help you determine if you fit the criteria for the position before you apply to work in that profession in Canada. The webpage outlines the long-term prospects for that specific career.

7. SimplyHired

A comprehensive job search engine, SimplyHired compiles openings from throughout the internet in one easy-to-access spot. The job postings on SimplyHired are sourced from corporate careers pages, specialized employment websites, and other online job boards. It offers job listings from over 700,000 distinct firms and operates in 12 different languages and 24 different nations. When utilizing SimplyHired, job searchers will discover that it’s quite simple to focus their search on location, wages, roles, job kinds, and more.

8. Eluta

Eluta is one of Canada’s best-known and most well-liked job search engines. It is a website that over 100 Canadian firms support, and it also lists around 100,000 different jobs that are up for application. This website is highly well-kept and a free employment website where you may search for employment without having to pay. Employers may post job openings on Eluta so potential employees can locate them and apply.

9. Learn4Good

Learn4Good is a fantastic employment site to check whether you’re searching for a teaching career or another position in the education industry. It allows job searchers to easily apply for vacancies via the site and offers listings for positions in more than 20 countries.

Various teaching opportunities around Canada are listed on Learn4Good, which serves a global clientele. Since 2003, it has processed millions of job advertisements, so there is a considerable probability that your next position in education will be advertised here.

10. TorontoJobs

TorontoJobs is an excellent option for anyone seeking a reliable Canadian employment site that caters to the Toronto region. The most exposure to potential applicants in the Toronto employment market is guaranteed to recruiters who post their positions on our job board. Make sure you visit TorontoJobs to improve your chances of getting noticed during your job hunt.

In addition to giving you greater visibility, TorontoJobs lets you focus your search by area, job type, keywords, and other criteria. Many educational materials are available on the site for job searchers as well.

11. Google Careers

When searching for a job on Google, you don’t need to worry much; you only need to type in the job title, and Google will provide you with ideas immediately. No matter where a person is in the globe, Google Careers is a website to assist them in finding employment. It’s among the finest available.

You may use Google Careers for free to locate any employment if you reside in Canada. Google Careers is one of the most excellent job search engines for Canada and the rest of the world, and you can get the most recent listings there.

12. CareerJet

Another straightforward, simplified employment board in Canada is CareerJet. This website makes it simple for you to focus your search depending on your area, the kind of work you’re searching for, and more. It has listings for thousands of positions throughout Canada. The services and capabilities that some other employment sites provide are not all available on CareerJet. Nevertheless, it’s still a good choice for individuals who want to go to the point, submit their résumé, and begin applying as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Getting A Job In Canada Easy?

While it’s difficult, it is possible to obtain work in Canada! A job offer might greatly increase your chances of being invited to apply for permanent residency from a Canadian business.

How Can I Get An Unskilled Job From Nigeria To Canada?

If you get a provincial nomination from a province or territory, you are eligible to immigrate to Canada as an unskilled worker. Provincial Nomination Programs (PNPs), a kind of immigration program used by the provinces and territories of Canada, are created to meet the demands of the local labor market.

Does Canada Hire Foreign Workers?

Employers in Canada hire more than 90,000 temporary foreign workers each year to fill skill and labor gaps. Temporary worker recruiting is heavily influenced by the federal ministries of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).

Can I Go To Canada Without A Job Offer?

No, you often don’t need a job offer. However, if you: qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker Program or the Federal Skilled Trades Program; and. lack the resources to maintain yourself and your family in Canada, you will need one.

Is Canada Looking For Workers?

In Canada, there are more available positions than competent candidates to fill them due to a large number of job openings and a low unemployment rate.