How To Find A Business Mentor & Why You Need A Mentorship

How To Find A Business Mentor & Why You A Mentorship

How to find a business mentor is important if you are to avoid making costly mistakes.

Making mistakes as we all know is a part of life, but some mistakes can be avoided.

To avoid making mistakes that will mar your business journey, you will need the help of a mentor.


Reasons why you need a mentor.

1. Make use of his experience:

Having experience is crucial to the survival and success of your business.

Albeit, some experiences are downright awful, that’s why you need a mentor.

You need someone that has gone through the phase and has been in your line of business for years.

With a mentor, it is guaranteed to gain the experience through his. Learning how they dealt with their own experiences can be of help to your business career.


2. Having a high chance to succeed:

Having the right connections, the right advice, checking on you occasionally, and guiding you and your business can tremendously increase your chances to succeed in your business.


3. Opportunities to network:

A mentor has connections of unlimited people who can be beneficial to your career. They can let you tap into their network of people when the need arises.


4. Build self-confidence:

Mentors can positively impact your life, guide you, share your worries and help solve your problems.

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Self-confidence is essential to succeed as a young entrepreneur. Mentors can make you see problems as an opportunity to grow, thereby increasing your self-confidence.


5. Words of encouragement:

When the going gets tough, only a mentor with experiences about the highs and lows of business can soothe you.

Having a mentor will keep you on your feet in hard times. Apart from having calms words for you, they will have ideas to help you attain success in your business.

From what we have said so far, you can note that having a mentor is quite important if you want to succeed.


How to find a business mentor.

Depending on the business you want to venture into, there are many places you can find a mentor. They are:

1. Networking Events:

A networking event aims to put people in contact with each other. Networking events are the perfect opportunities to get a professional network of people. In events like these try to mingle with people, learn their interests and motives but do not be too forward with your goals.


2. Social media:

The World itself is a global village. Making use of social media like LinkedIn, Twitter,  Facebook can connect you to professionals.

With these platforms, you can find professionals in your field or location.

Introduce yourself, get to know them before asking for a business engagement.


3. Industry centers:

Find out if any event or conference is coming up in your area of business specialization, then make effort to attend.

These are perfect places to meet people more advanced in the business than you.


4. Volunteering for a role:

Volunteering for roles in your industry is a good way to meet people and make connections.

You will meet all kinds of people from college graduates to top officials, to professionals in their field to retirees.

Doing a volunteering job will make you give back to your community and also increase your business reputation.


5. Join a professional association:

Get yourself in a professional association, then look out for people that are not your competitor.

In addition, you can take advantage of online sites like meetup, Micromentor, for you to meet and connect to people in your field online.

Finally, having someone to share their experiences that can be beneficial to you is wonderful, also someone to show you the ropes so that your business may thrive is what the mentorship program is all about.

Find a mentor today, and watch your business prosper.