How To Find Zenith Bank Costumer Care Number

All the banks in Nigeria has its customer care number through which its clients and customers can talk to a representative from the bank and relate any problem to them instead of coming to the bank and waiting for hours before being attended to.

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With the customer care number, you don’t have to go to the bank as there is always a customer care representative at the other end of the line wanting to hear your complaint and request.

Zenith Bank is a large financial service provider in West Africa and it is licensed as a commercial bank by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). It was founded by Jim Ovia in 1990 with an initial capital of $4 million.

Today, Zenith Bank is one of the leading banks in Nigeria with a large customer base. To make banking easy for its customers, Zenith Bank embraced the internet and mobile banking which has made its services more efficient.

In this article, we are going to be talking a lot about Zenith Bank but most importantly, we will be showing you the Zenith Bank account number that you can use to reach out to a customer care representative of Zenith Bank.

Without further ado, let’s proceed…

What Is The Zenith Bank Customer Care Number

Like we mentioned earlier that all the banks in Nigeria have a customer care number which you can call when you are having any issues with your bank account. When you call this number, a customer care representative will attend to you and see how they could help you with any problem you are having.

The Zenith Bank customer care number is 01 278 7000.

Is Zenith Bank Customer Care Always Available?

Whether you are calling with the customer care number or using the official Zenith Bank website:, the customer care unit is always available.

But mostly efficiently, the ZenithDirect which is in the official Zenith Bank website is the 24/7 Interactive Solution Centre that provides customers with world-class service and an excellent banking experience.

The services are offered through a menu-driven self-service, phone interactions, social media platforms and also through live interactions (chat) with well-trained customer service executives.

Does Zenith Bank have a WhatsApp Number?

Yes. Zenith Bank has a WhatsApp number through which customers can chat just like they are chatting with a friend. The number is 0704000442 and you will have to save the number as your contact for you to start chatting. It is called ZIVA (Zenith Intelligent Virtual Assistant).

How To Check Zenith Bank Account Balance Without Going To The Bank

Since banking has been made easy for customers, you don’t have to go to the bank to check your account balance. As a customer of Zenith Bank, there are some ways you could check your account balance using your phone and we will be showing you that shortly.

We will be looking at four ways you can check you Zenith Bank account balance and they are:

  • Mobile Banking
  • Internet Banking
  • USSD Code
  • SMS

How To Check The Zenith Bank Account Number Using Mobile Banking

Checking your account balance using mobile banking means using the Zenith Bank’s mobile app. Most of the banks in Nigeria now have mobile application that you can install from your Google Playstore for smartphone and Apple store for iPhones.

You will have to download the Zenith Bank mobile app and then sign-up and register your username and password, then go to the Zenith Bank branch closest to you to activate the app.

Once you have all these set, checking your account balance becomes simple as you will not have to visit the bank again.

These are the steps in checking your Zenith Bank account balance on the Mobile App:

  • Make sure you have internet connection on your phone
  • Open the mobile application on your phone
  • Sign in by putting your password and you can decide to sign in with your biometrics (fingerprint) instead of your password
  • Go to transaction history on the menu and you will see your account balance at the top.

Sometimes the account balance will show on your dashboard after you sign in.

How To Check Your Zenith Bank Account Balance Internet Banking

This is another easy was to check your account balance online but you must have internet connection. Let’s look at some of the steps to follow in checking your account balance.

  • Visit the official Zenith Bank Nigeria website here:
  • Click on “Internet Banking” at the top corner of the site
  • Select between “personal and corporate”
  • Enter your online banking username and password click continue
  • After you have signed in to your account, go through the menu to check your account balance

Sometimes, your account balance will show on the dashboard.

How To Check Zenith Bank Account Number Using USSD Code

This method of checking your Zenith Bank account require a code and the code is *966#. It is available for all the networks in Nigeria, so if you are using MTN, Glo, Airtel or 9mobile, you can access this method.

You don’t need to have an internet connection to use this method. So the steps to check your Zenith Bank account balance using USSD Code are:

  • Dial *966# on your phone number that is linked with your Zenith Bank account
  • Enter “7” and press send
  • Wait for a while and then you will receive an SMS          from Access Bank with your account balance

The Zenith Bank USSD service is called EazyBanking and it is efficient and reliable as you can assess your account even without internet connection. You can also open a bank account through the Zenith Bank EazyBanking. You can make transfer and buy airtime for yourself and others through the USSD Code.

Requirements To Know Your Zenith Bank Account Balance

Some of the requirements you must meet or have for you to check your Sterling Bank account balance are:

  • Zenith Bank account number
  • Mobile phone number registered with Zenith Bank
  • Smartphone, cellphone or computer
  • Internet connection
  • Network signal
  • Zenith Bank Mobile banking
  • Internet Banking Account with Zenith Bank

How To Register For *966# Zenith Eazybanking

You will have to follow the steps we will be highlighting below to register for Zenith EazyBanking.

  • Dial *966*00# with the number you used to open your account
  • You will need to enter the last 4 digits of your Debit (ATM) card number.
  • Then your account name will be displayed and you will be prompted to create a 4 digit PIN
  • You will have to confirm the PIN
  • If the registration was successful, you will get a message “Retrieving your balance”
  • You will receive an SMS with the balances on all your accounts.

How To Check Zenith Bank Account Number

Here, we will be looking at how you can check your Zenith Bank account number on your phone without going to the bank in case you have forgotten the account number.

We are going to show you how you can check your account number with the USSD code.

How To Check Zenith Bank Account Number On USSD Code

You will have to follow the steps we will be highlighting below to check your account number in case you have forgotten.

  • Dail *966*00# with the phone number you used to open the account
  • Enter your EazyBanking PIN or the last 4 digits on your ATM card to confirm your request.
  • You will have to wait for it to process within a short time you will get a message containing you Zenith Bank account number

Final Note

Zenith Bank is one of the leading banks in Nigeria and they are known to always put their customers at the centre of their business and so they have made it easy for customer to assess their service even without visiting the Zenith Bank branch that is close to you.

With the Zenith Bank mobile app, internet banking and USSD Code, you can transfer money, pay bills and top-up airtime without having to go to the bank. There are other services you get to enjoy as a customer of Zenith Bank.