How To Generate Zenith Bank Token

If you are reading this article, it means that you are actually looking for how to generate Zenith Bank token and you will be glad you saw this article because after reading this article to the end, you would have gotten a lot of information on how to generate the Zenith Bank token and how to use the Zenith Bank token.

With the Zenith token, you can transfer money, pay bills online, buy airtime and perform other transactions online.

The Zenith Bank Token is divided into two categories where you have the Zenith Bank software token and the Zenith Bank hardware token.

The Zenith Bank software token is an OTP (One-Time-Password) that is sent to the number that you used to open your Zenith Bank whenever you want to carry out a transaction online.

The Zenith Bank hardware token on the other hand is a device that Zenith Bank gives to you which allows you generate a new token whenever you want to carry out a transaction online either when using the Zenith Bank mobile app or internet banking.

So in the write-up, we will be talking about how you can generate a Zenith Bank Token whether online or at any Zenith Bank branch close to you.

Without much hesitation, let’s get started…

What Is The Zenith Bank Token?

The Zenith Bank token is a 6-digit code that is used to authenticate electronic transactions and with the code, your transactions and account is secured from anyone. As no hacker can use your Zenith Bank mobile app behind you.

So the Zenith Bank token is more like a top security to protect your online transactions with the Zenith Bank internet banking and the Zenith Bank mobile app.

Benefits Of Having A Zenith Bank Token

Some of the benefits of having the Zenith Bank token are:

  • It helps to tighten your security when performing your online transaction.
  • It makes it easy for you to change your personal details like E-mail address or phone on the app.
  • It helps to increase your daily transfer limit on the mobile app.

How To Apply For The Zenith Bank Token

We will be showing you how you can apply for the token whether as a new account holder or existing account holder.

The New Account holders

If you just opened an account with Zenith Bank and you want to register with the Zenith Bank, you will have to apply for the internet banking first by downloading the Zenith Bank Internet Banking form online or you can visit the nearest Zenith Bank branch close to you to get the form and then register.

You will have to fill the form and tick “internet banking” and then submit the form to the customer service unit.

You will then fill the Zenith Bank token request form at the bank.

The Existing Account Holders

If you are already an account holder in Zenith Bank and you have already registered with Zenith Bank internet banking service, you can go to any Zenith Bank branch that is close to you and fill out the token request form or you go to Zenith Bank internet banking, click on “other services” on the side menu and select “token request”.

The Zenith Bank Token Device

This is a small hardware device that is used to generate Zenith Bank tokens that will help protect your transactions online.

You will have to go to the Zenith Bank branch that is close to you to get the Zenith Bank token device. This is where you will get your token number.

The token device is very small and you can easily lose it and so you will have to be careful and always keep it well.

Zenith Bank Token Code Activation

After you must have gotten the Zenith Bank hardware device, you will have to activate it before you can use it.

Let’s take you through the steps of using the Zenith Bank Token:

  • Visit the Zenith Bank token code activation page
  • You will then enter your 10-digit Zenith Bank account number
  • Click on “continue” to get a one-time-password (OTP) sent to either your E-mail address or phone number used in registering the Zenith Bank account.
  • Enter the OTP sent to you in the space provided
  • Get the hardware token device that was given to you by the bank and turn it upside down to view your 10-digit token number
  • Then you enter a 4-digit PIN to authenticate transactions. Make sure the PIN you use is easy to remember, so you can use your ATM PIN.
  • You put your token number and 4-digit PIN together without any space and then a confirmation message will display on the website to show that it was successful.

You should know that you cannot use the token number for another token device hardware.

How To Use The Zenith Bank Token Number For Internet Banking

Here, we will be showing you the steps on how to use your Zenith Bank token number for internet banking.

  • Visit which is the Zenith Bank internet banking page.
  • Select PIN and Token option from the menu
  • Enter 4-digit PIN you created while registering
  • Press the button on your Zenith token device hardware to generate a new 6-digit token code.
  • Enter the token code generated and then put your 4-digit PIN without leaving any space
  • Click on login to see your Zenith Internet banking dashboard

In some cases, some people might open their Zenith Bank account online and might also need to get a token and may be wondering how they would go about this.

Well, this is not a problem as we got you covered. We are going to be talking about how you open an online account with Zenith Bank and generate a token number and account PIN.

Requirements For Opening An Online Account With Zenith Bank

Some of the requirements for opening a Zenith Bank account online are:

  • Address
  • Phone number
  • BVN
  • Government-issued ID card
  • Passport photo

After providing all the information we have highlighted above, your account will be opened and you will be given an account number.

If you want to use the new account you have created on your mobile device, you will have to download the Zenith Bank mobile app and register your account number and register the mobile device you are using to login to your account.

You will need a debit card or PIN or token number to do this but since you opened the account online, you certainly do not have a debit card so you will use the PIN+ Token number.

How To Generate The Zenith Bank PIN And Token Number For Mobile App

So if you go for the PIN+ Token option, then this is what you will do to generate a PIN.

  • You will open your Zenith Bank mobile app on your phone
  • Then you log in and click on register device
  • You will select the PIN + Token” option under “Register Device”
  • A unique PIN will be sent to the phone number you used to open the Zenith Bank account
  • Type the PIN into the space provided.

How To Generate Zenith Bank Token Number For Mobile App

Since you have gotten the PIN, you will still need the token number to authenticate and register your device and you will need either hardware token or an e-token (software token).

Since you opened the account online, you will have to go with the Zenith Bank e-token.

To get the Zenith Bank e-token, you will have to go to Playstore and download the Zenith Bank e-Token app.

On the homepage of the e-Token app, you will have to click on “continue” to proceed to activation page.

On the activation page, there are three options to activate the Zenith Bank e-Token; the hardware, debit card and the quick access.

Since you opened the account online, you will have to go for the quick access option as you may not have the hardware token or the debit card.

For you to go through the quick access option, you will need an activation code and  User ID that matches your Zenith Bank account and for this reason, you will have to visit the nearest Zenith Bank branch that is close to you to get the activation code and User ID in order to activate your Zenith Bank Mobile app.

Final Note

Having a token number especially for online transactions is very important for security and we have shown you some of the benefits of having a token.

We have shown you how you can generate the Zenith Bank token number whether you are a new or existing customer.

We also showed you how you could get your Zenith Bank account PIN and Token number even if you open the account online.