How To Make Money On Twitter In Nigeria

How To Make Money On Twitter

How To Make Money On Twitter In Nigeria. There are diverse ways to make money online, with Twitter the opportunities are increasing.

If you know what you are doing, you can make a career out of using Twitter to make money.

For you to succeed you need determination and ambition.

Either as a business owner or a brand, you can make use of your Twitter to promote your business and services.

Twitter has about 126 million active users on the days you have the best platform to create awareness for your services.

For you to be able to monetize your Twitter account, you would need to have an engaging profile and this is achieved by.

1. Always have a logo of your business company or a profile picture.

2. A useful username

3. an engaging biography.

4. A link to your blog or website so that users can reach out to you if applicable.

Having a user profile will help you relate well with your audience and instill their trust in you.

Getting followers on Twitter

You all know there is no way you can make money if you have 0 followers, you need an audience to sell your products/services to.

1. Consistency:

The best way to get followers on any platform most especially Twitter is to always be consistent.

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Consistency is the key to any business growth so it is with growing followers.

Post contents on the regular, Retweet, like, and comment on other Twitter’s tweets.

Widen your reach by using hashtags, most especially tend to post content that’s relevant to your niche and industry.

2. Follow people relevant to your industry and niche.

3. Promote your Twitter profile on other social media accounts.

4. Create a follow us on the Twitter pop-up page.

5. Add your Twitter feed to your blogs or websites.

Some of the ways to make money on Twitter in Nigeria are:

1. Sell products:

To make money on Twitter you will need to have a product to sell to your audience. This product can be ebooks, video tutorials e.t.c.

Use discounts and always promote your products for your audience to patronize you.

Note: do not overcrowd your feed with pushy selling.

2. Use sponsored post:

Find sponsors that will pay you for you to advertise their products on your page.

Be conscious of what you tweet about as it can mar your reputation thereby hurting your business.

3. Hold a contest:

Make a local business popular by hosting a contest for your audience in that field.

You will end up getting paid a percentage of every sale made.

4. Promote Affiliate Products on Twitter:

Promote affiliate products on your profile to make money by being an affiliate marketer.

One of the most interesting things about being an affiliate marketer is that a newbie can do it and make money.

With affiliate marketing, you make a commission on each sale made through your link.

5.  Provide customer service:

For any business to be successful and to thrive having good customer service is a must. Having a customer care service will help you in generating leads and keep your existing audience.

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Always be available to your audience/customers so they can reach out to you at any time and without stress. This will help your business to drive more sales. If you cannot be available enable to use the Twitter chatbox to always keep your audience in the know.

In conclusion, another way you can monetize your Twitter account is to make use of the Twitter studio. The Twitter Studio allows you to make money by placing ads on your site and live videos.  You make money when the ad is clicked or watched.

Features of the mobile studio include:

1. Producer:

Promote and schedule live stream and also create instant highlights of your stream.

2. Library:

Manages all your videos, images, and Gifs in one place.

3. Analytics:

Analytics measures all your performance by viewing the metrics of your tweets and earnings.

What are you waiting for? Get to monetize your Twitter now. Don’t wait till tomorrow.