How To Share Data On MTN


If you have a lot of data and you want to share data with your loved ones whether family or friend but you are confused about how to do it on your MTN line, you shouldn’t worry as we are going to tell you everything you need to know about sharing and transferring data.

Sharing of data on MTN is called Data Gifting and it is like other telecommunications in the country.

With the MTN’s Data Gifting, you will be able to transfer data from your active data balance to your family and friends, buy data for family and friends and a also request data from your friends.


So in this article, we are going to give you everything you need to know about MTN Data Sharing and how to share data on MTN.

Without further ado, let’s proceed…

What is MTN Data Gifting

MTN Data Gifting is an MTN service that allows you to send and buy data bundles for family and friends. It is available to all MTN customers. So with this service, you can transfer data from your active data balance to your family and friends and even request data from them.

This process doesn’t even take up to five minutes and you can only share or transfer data to another MTN user.

Important Things To Know About MTN Data Gifting

Before you can share or transfer data to your family and friends, these are the things you should know:

  • You can only transfer two times every day
  • You can transfer data to your family and friends
  • You must have at least 50MB data balance
  • You can transfer data ranging from 10MB, 50MB and 100MB
  • You can request data from a friend
  • You don’t need a PIN to transfer data
  • You can only transfer and share data from your daily, weekly and monthly data bundle plans but you cannot share XtraValue bundle.
  • You cannot receive a data request if you have full DND (Do Not Disturb) active on your line. So even if people send you a data request, you won’t be able to see it.
  • You can only send request for data from family and friends up to five times in a day and nothing more
  • You can rollover any unused data that was bought for you as long as you buy or receive another data bundle before the expiration of the current bundle or during the grace period of the data bundle.
  • You cannot rollover data bundle that was transferred to you.

How To Share Data On MTN

As an MTN customer, you can transfer data to anyone using MTN either through USSD or SMS.

When sharing or transferring MTN data to your family and friends, you are expected to have at least 50MB data balance. So dial *131*4# to check your MTN data balance.

Sharing Data On MTN Using USSD Code

  • Dial *131#
  • Then you select option 1 and click on send to continue
  • Choose any of the numbers that will display on your screen depending on the MB size you want to share
  • Click on send to complete the process.

You can dial *131*receiver’s phone number*data amount#. For example, *131*08102314323*500#

Sharing Data Using SMS

You will have to send an SMS through your MTN line in this format:

Type “Transfer Phone number data amount” and send to 131. For example, transfer 08033444923 500 to 131.

Be sure that the number you typed is the number you want to send the data to so that you don’t send the data to a wrong number because if you do, you cannot get your data back.

List Of Data Bundle Plans That Supports Data Transfer

We will be showing you data bundle plans on MTN that can be shared with family and friends:

Amount Data Cap Activation Code
NGN1,000 1.5GB *109#
NGN1,200 2GB *110#
NGN1,500 3.7GB *111#
NGN2,000 4.5GB *129#
NGN3,500 10GB *101#
NGN5,000 15GB *131*1# then select options
NGN10,000 40GB *131*1# then select options
NGN15,000 75GB *131*1# then select options
NGN20,000 110GB *131*1# then select options

How To Buy MTN Data For Your Family And Friends

It is very easy to buy MTN data for your family and friends. This is different from sharing MTN data.

When you choose to buy MTN data plan for some else, it will be charged from your airtime balance.

So to buy MTN data for your family and friends, this is what you should do:

Dial *131*bundle activation code* receivers phone number#. Like this, *131*106*08033444923#.

When Will The Data Of The Beneficiary Expire?

After you must have successfully shared the data bundle, the data of the beneficiary will expire on the same date as the originating data bundle. So if you did a 30-days data plan maybe on the April 1, 2022 and you decided to share data with your family or friend, the data you shared will expire on the same date as yours which is May 1, 2022.

How To Share Airtime On MTN Line

Aside sharing or transferring MTN data, you can also transfer airtime and just like the MTN data transfer, the MTN credit can be done in two ways: USSD code and SMS.

For the USSD code:

Dial *777*Receiver’s phone number*Airtime amount*pin#

For the SMS:

You will type Transfer leave space and then the receiver’s phone number leave space then amount leave space and then pin.

For example: Transfer 08033444923 500 1234.

After you send, you will receive a message of confirmation the you send Yes to 777.

Final Note

We have given you all the necessary information you need to know about how to share data on MTN. we hope this article was useful to you.