List Of Real Estate Companies in South Africa

South Africa’s real estate request has been tough many times. And the socio political geography and profitable climate have also done little to palliate the pressure. So, there are numerous people stating that the worst is over and that effects will start perfecting soon.


And South Africans are looking for safe investments, and property remains one of the safest ways to grow funds. And it’s a buyer’s request that’s anticipated to continue through the year of (2019). And  those who qualify for finance or who are suitable to buy for cash will be in a good position to take advantage of the current conditions.

Real estate companies no longer simply calculate on traditional selling styles similar as hanging for trade’ boards outside houses or advertising in the review. And they’ve had to find further innovative ways to attract new guests. And over the times there have been several companies that crushed the profitable challenges and managed to not only sell the most property, but also find nuanced ways of doing so.

These are the top real estate companies that set themselves piecemeal in the property field.

1. Remax

Shaft/ Maximum is officially the largest real estate brand in South Africa, outnumbering the utmost of their challengers by nearly deals associates (these numbers are grounded on REBOSA class figures).

Shaft/ Maximum of Southern Africa innovated in the year (1994), is regarded as the colonist of the Shaft/ Maximum transnational expansion as it was the first country ballot to be vented outside of North America, and  with all the agents operating from over (160) services and certified in (5) countries in Southern Africa, Shaft/ Maximum of Southern Africa is the largest real estate brand in the region.

And according to Remax’s Vice President of Dispatches, Pete Crowe, the balloon and wordmark were upgraded to help agents grow their business, as well as give them an indeed competitive advantage in (digital -social media & mobile marketing). But the company is hoping the refreshed branding will bring in enthusiastic youthful entrepreneurs.

The biggest group of homebuyers are millennials; in fact, buyers who are 36 times old and young continue to buy homes at an advanced rate than other age groups. And the CEO Adrian Goslett says Remax vended further than freehold houses to first- time property buyers.

2. Pam Golding

Pam Golding International Property Group opened its doors in the year (1976). And more than forty times later, the company that was started without launch up capital now has further than 300 branches. The earnings surpassed thirteen billion rand for the time 2016-2017, and they exceeded the mark of 20 billion rand by February 2017.

And a breakdown of the deals shows that deals in the R10 million to R20 million price range reached 43 percent, while deals for homes in the R20 million to R50 million price type reached 17 percent.

Life granges and agrarian granges brought in large gains as well. And two marketable citrus granges in the Western Cape were sold for around R118 million. But the  Western Cape also concluded multitudinous deals for around R20 million and above areas like the Atlantic Seaboard, the Southern Suburbs, and Winelands especially. But deal trends in the Southern cities still remain firm as families move to the area to be close to seminaries and the university.

In addition, freehold parcels have risen by a normal of 22.1 percent in Port Elizabeth and 29.2 percent in East London. And the massive new surge of profitable investment, coupled with a new original government, suggests that the Eastern Cape casing request will witness renewed growth.


Most of the real estate companies on this list see some of their biggest deals from parcels in the Western Cape. And as for Seeff, this has restated to entering high volumes of deals in their services in the fiefdom. And real estate agents from Seeff property in Hout Bay say they’ve had more advanced deals and rental exertion in the last fiscal time. But the Hout Bay and Llandudno property request has outgunned a record high of R1.2 billion in development.

Their high value deals include a R32 million home in Hout Bay. And the high value mark is a result of the area’s fantastic life: it’s near the sand, offers a road café vibe, and includes nature reserves. And the deals for luxury apartments in Cape Town are also high. Though the Seeff represents about 40 percent of the Atlantic Seaboard apartment request. And also, they just lately vended around 97 units for an average price of R12.7 million.

In other businesses, the Seeff Richards Bay division is one of the most successful branches in KZN. And it receives an aggregate of around 26 percent of real estate deals and settlements in the request. And Kwazulu Natal’s Seeff Dolphin Coast entered multitudinous awards at the Annual Seeff KZN Awards and these awards include (Private Property Online Excellence Award & Ooba Home Finance Awards) in Rands.

4. Rawson

Like most companies, Rawson saw a peaked interest in property around civic centres like the Western Cape, corridor of Gauteng, and Durban North. And they credit this to the demand for safe, secure, and low conservation casing. But the company’s Durban branches have already started registering a high interest in many other places like (Kloof & Meadow Lane), this is where lots of houses sell off for over (R10 million).

Rawson also has a high quantum of deals for new developments especially around the Western Cape. And for parcels around Blaauwberg, Table View, and Parklands, the average price for a home is around R1, 2 million. But for places similar to Somerset West, the price is much higher. And this is because the property in Cape Town has given investors a good return.

Further youthful buyers are entering the request as well, and Rawson seems to be feeding that request. And it appears that the company has a high development for deals in new developments. But because they’ve a high emphasis on the sophisticated and fuss-free layout, Rawson seems to punctuate the need for fresh new designs.

And according to (Tony Clarke), the Managing Director of the Rawson Property Group is surely getting lots and lots of luxury, and clean designs which helps in producing further space. And Rawson recommends that implicit homeowners and rental homes need to look for houses that offer ultramodern day luxuries like fibre internet connections. And it’s believed that it’s only going to become more essential as time goes by.

5. Chas Everitt

The Chas Everitt was recognised as  the Utmost Innovative Brokerage   worldwide and was also beating out over 500 other companies. And this global award was presented at awards fete held in Miami Beach back in the year (2016) LeadingRE conference week; the fete was attended by some 2500 top real estate professionals from 25 countries.

But the LeadingRE President and CEO Pam O’Connor says that the Utmost Innovative Brokerage award is given to brokers who make the most extraordinary difference for their company and business community through a major action that’s new and different, or to those who apply new strategies to a challenge. And to stand out among the veritably stylish real estate enterprises in the world reflects an extraordinary commitment to performance and excellence.