Zedvance Loan: How To Get A Loan From Zedvance

Zedvance Loan: How To Get A Loan From Zedvance

Zedvance Loan: How To Get A Loan From Zedvance. Zedvance is a financial institution that is willing to aid you in reaching your goals. They are ever ready to meet your financial needs, the given loan of up to 5million naira and a flexible repayment period of up to 18months.

They are known for :

1. Integrity:

They place integrity above ever another thing that is why they have a policy gearing towards fair business practices.

2. Commitment:

They are passionate about their customer’s welfare, hence committed to their comfort and wellbeing. That is why they work together as a team and in so doing they make provision for giving out friendly loan services.

3. Promptness:

They understand the urgency of a customer’s need and the difference a prompt response can make. That is why it is their utmost priority to deliver quality services to their customers without compromising on the time.

Zedvance Nano:

This is a digital structured financing service targeted for small amounts usually smaller than micro-financing loan tickets.

This takes care of when you need to bridge gaps in finances for a short period. The repayable time for this kind of loan is in 15days and it takes under 5minutes to process such loans.

It doesn’t matter if you are a salary earner or not, with Zedvance nano you can take a loan ranging from #2500 to 100,000 based on your credit history with them.

The repayment of the loan is automated as it will be deducted from your account on the due date.

How to get Nano Loan:

You get the Nano loan is quite simple, just head to Google play store and download Moneypal from the store to commence.

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If you need help in processing the loan you can reach out to their customer care representative using [email protected] or Cal 07001001000

You can pay up your loan early if you want to. Early repayment is also available for customers who wish to repay before the repayment date. You can pay to Zedvance Limited Access Bank account 0690282997.

But if you miss your payment period, you will be reported to the Credit Bureau and it may affect your credit chances in the future.

Zedvance Payroll:

The Zedvance payroll is meant for salary earners employed either in a private or public organization. These loans are packed by salary payments and provided repayment instruments are used to achieve loan collection till expiry.

With the private sector, the minimum loan you can take is #50,000 and the maximum loan is # 5000000  with a maximum tenor of 18 months.

While with the public sector the minimum loan is #20,000 while the maximum is #3000,000 with 24 months is a maximum tenor.

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You can apply for this loan by downloading their app from the play store or using Zedvance online.

What are the required documents for a Private Sector Loan Application?

  • Filled loan application form
  • Valid means of identification (National ID card, Driver’s License, International Passport, Voter’s Card)
  • Employment Identity Card
  • Employment letter
  • Utility bill, not more than 3 months old
  • Passport photograph
  • Up-to-date bank statements of not less than 6 months
  • Official email

What are the requirements for a public sector loan application?

  • Fill up the loan application form
  • Work Identity Card
  • Other valid means of ID (National ID card, Driver’s License, International Passport, Voter’s Card)
  • One Passport Photograph


In conclusion, with whatever kind of loan you want, Zedvance is here to cater to your needs.

In addition, they are even coming up with loans for small and medium-scale business enterprises.