Best Insurance Companies In South Africa

Insurance isn’t anyone’s favourite content, but a commodity everyone will most probably need to deal with at least formerly in their lives. And whether you need to insure your precious valuables, your property or take out life insurance, insurance companies in South Africa are there to give you the most favourable covers.

Though it’s frequently supposed to be relatively precious, insurance can be a lifesaver in undesirable situations, and you do not really know how poorly you need it until you’re stuck without it.

Top Insurance Companies In South Africa

As you can see, there’s ample choice when looking for insurance, but since you’re trusting these companies to have your reverse when effects go awry, it’s essential to pick the right bone for you.


There are numerous effects to consider when making this decision, like what kind of cover they offer and the price of their decorations versus the extent of what they will pay. And it’s also wise to test out their client service, as you do n’t want to be stuck in an extremity with nothing answering the phone.

The  10 best insurance companies in South Africa.

1. King Price

This insurance company  is a provider of all types of insurance. And they’ve insurance programs for everything from your auto and home to your favourite golf clubs or mountain bike. And they truly aspire to be the‘ lords of insurance”, and so have extremely competitive decoration pricing.

One of their most seductive products is their R1 insurance, which claims to cover lower valuables from as little as R1 per month!

2. 1st For Women

1st for Women Insurance was named the winner of Service Excellence in the Short- term Insurance assiduity at the 2017 Ask Afrika Orange Index Awards, the largest and most extensively substantiated service excellence standard in South Africa.

They concentrate on putting women first ( hence the name) and offer redundant services like Guardian Angel on Call and Handbag Cover, all with South African women in mind.

3. Old Collective

Old Collective ‘s direct short- term insurance product, iWyze, offers comprehensive insurance for both auto and home. And they’ve over 160 times’ worth of knowledge and experience in insurance assistance and use this wealth of wisdom to give you the best cover.

4. Outsurance

OUTSurance has always strived to stay above their competition, offering new and innovative ways to give their guests the absolute stylish insurance cover. And they flatter themselves by making sure that their guests always get commodities out. And again, their notorious OUTBonus prices guests with a cashback, and they’ve not claimed for a certain period of time.

5. Budget

This insurance company is the type that covers all aspects of your business. And from your work vehicle to your office and all of its contents, as well as money that’s on the demesne. And the budget is designed for any business, from a small cafe shop to a large enterprise.

6. MiWay

MiWay offers a range of business insurance packages. And from comprehensive cover, to cover for different aspects of your business like each factory and ministry and goods in conveyance. And this means you’re suitable to ensure individual corridors of your business or include everything under one plan, depending on what works best for you.

7. Affinity Health

Affinity Health offers simple and effective medical insurance. And they give cover for those who can not get hefty medical aid freights, while still giving their guests the peace of mind that they’re covered should they’ve a medical extremity.

8. Discovery

This type of insurance is in a league of its own. And they’ve continued to outwit every one of their challengers and remain one of the top insurers in South Africa. And their packages are designed for all different budgets and requirements, and they’ve erected a trusted name for themselves. But their prices, still, can be relatively steep for the average South African.

9. Liberty

Liberty Life insurance cover offers you a life cover plan which you can simply subscribe for over the phone, as well as a traditional cover plan. And the Life Cover over the Phone allows you to take out cover without any forms or medical tests and will pay out a lump sum to your heirs when you die.

10. Sanlam

Sanlam offers a comprehensive cover for any unpredicted incidents that may do, similar as illness, theft, accidents or indeed death. And you will enjoy the peace of mind when your health and finances are secured at one of South Africa’s stylish insurance companies furnishing you cover in any space. And they offer everything from auto and home cover to life and business insurance and medical insurance.

Types of South African Insurance Companies

There are numerous types of insurance available to consumers in South Africa. And there should be a type of insurance for anything precious that you enjoy that will cover it. Then are the most common insurance types.

1. Car Insurance

And Still, auto insurance will come relatively handy, If you get into an accident or become a victim of auto theft. And cover your auto for damage, theft and any injuries you may endure while driving. But there are numerous brilliant auto insurance companies in South Africa that are readily willing to offer you the stylish deals.

2. Funeral Insurance

Sepultures can be relatively precious, and they aren’t commodities anybody looks forward to having to deal with. And having burial insurance which will payout when you pass down, is an excellent way to lessen the emotional torture that your loved bones are bound to be passing.

3. Life Insurance

Life insurance is taken out in order for a person to give for their loved ones when they pass down. And yearly decorations are paid to the insurance company, and in the eventuality that the insured person dies, money is paid to their heirs.

This is very vital for those with children, and also those people who are the breadwinners of their families, and as money will be paid out, this will allow those left behind to keep up with financial liabilities.

4. Home Insurance

Insurance should be taken out on all precious effects inside your home. And this ensures that if a commodity is stolen or damaged, the insurance company is there to help you in replacing precious particulars. Make sure that you’re covered for both the structure and its contents with your home insurance.

5. Business Insurance

For business possessors, insurance is incredibly important. And when you have a business, you aren’t only responsible for your livelihood and goods, but also those of your guests/ guests and your staff. And potentially disastrous situations can be averted with the right insurance cover.

6. Medical Insurance

Analogous to medical aid, medical insurance covers you against medical extremities. And it covers situations similar to accidents or unforeseen medical problems arising, like broken bones. They don’t work relatively like medical aid, in that it’s slightly more limited, but is generally much more affordable.

This is a great option for those who don’t see croakers frequently and want a backup plan for unlooked-for extremities. And some medical insurance companies offer the usual day-to- day basics, but these are generally limited.


Whether you’re looking to take out your first insurance policy, or are looking to change companies, hopefully, this composition has helped make effects clearer. And we suggest sitting down when you have many moments to yourself, or with any other affected parties, and do exploration.

Use this companion to help you sift through all the confusing insurance slang and exaggerated information that you find each over the internet.

The most important thing to remember is that indeed though having insurance can be precious, it can be more expensive when a commodity happens and you do n’t have insurance. And having the right plan means you can breathe readily, knowing that you’re ensured no matter what life brings.